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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 207.2

Chapter 207: A Perfect Start (Part two)

Xu Cheng got anxious. “We don’t have time now, I will ask again, are you following me or him?”

The others looked at him, and then they looked at the angry Hu Bing. In the end, no one intended to leave. Xu Cheng disappointingly nodded. “Alright, then good luck to you all.”

As he said that, Xu Cheng gritted his teeth and picked up his equipment and left.

Commander Xie directly threw the tablet in his hand onto the ground, and the other commanders all laughed.

Instructor Yan was also sitting at the back seats nervously. Why did this Hu Bing screw up at such a critical time… It’s over, it’s over. Originally, they could’ve taken advantage of the fact that Xu Cheng woke up first and retreat safely to avoid getting besieged, but who knew that Hu Bing would drag everyone back to stay. He almost began to suspect whether Hu Bing was a spy sent over from another military region!

The other commanders all laughed, but among them, the commander of the 21st MR’s smile immediately froze and disappeared… It was because… in the video, Xu Cheng came to the area where the 21st MR team was stationed at. All 15 of them didn’t wake up yet.

Holy crap!

That commander immediately stood up and shouted, “WHAT THE FACK IS THIS XU CHENG MOTHERFACKER PLANNING TO DO?”

He began praying in his heart nonstop while secretly cursing at his soldiers, Hurry up, wake up! You guys are about to become free food for others, why the fack are you all still sleeping?!

On the screen, Xu Cheng locked onto those 15 sleeping soldiers like a cheetah. He instinctively pulled out his dagger and slowly moved closer.

The 21st MR’s Commander directly shouted, “[email protected]! [email protected]! Hurry up and wake up!”

But his screaming was of no use, because his mic wasn’t connected to his soldiers. Xu Cheng came to a soldier and he lightly swiped the dull blade across the neck, leaving behind a faint red trail. Then, like a grim reaper, he moved from one to another, drawing red lines on their necks.

“WAKE UP! YOU FACKS!” The 21st MR’s commander shouted from the top of his lungs to the last three that remained.

But it was too late. After finishing the job, Xu Cheng disappeared into the jungle like a night walker.

Judge: “The 5th MR + 15 points, Xu Cheng personal score + 15!”

Judge: “The 21st Military Region was completely defeated. Aced!”

The commanders all turned to look at the 21st Military Region’s commander with big smiles. “Congratulations, congratulations man.”

Congratulate your azz!

The 21st MR’s commander almost fainted. This was definitely the most humiliating way to get eliminated, which was basically getting killed while still in the cradle. Looking at those soldiers that were still deep asleep, this commander really wanted to dig a hole in the ground, crawl in it, and never come out.

He angrily got up, and then he shouted at his MR’s head instructor, “When those facks come out, tell them to not come back to my region. I can’t afford to lose this much face.”

The 21st MR’s head instructor’s body shivered. 

Commander Xie laughed out loud. Holy crap was that satisfying to watch. This year, he honestly didn’t expect his team to win any top place, but seeing how Xu Cheng single-handedly took out an entire team and pissed off another commander felt way too good. 

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  3. Well im probably gonna see a all wipe out 5th region army except xu cheng and he’ll aced all of this and probably his the only one who gained all the score in his team.

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