Chapter 208: Someone Slipped Through the Net (Part one)

A soldier in the 21st Military Region suddenly woke up and sat up straight. He gasped for air and his sudden movement also woke up a few soldiers beside him. Just like him, they sat up right away and looked around. 

Their captain patted the others and everyone woke up one after another. One of them let out a deep breath and said, “Holy crap that scared me, it turned out to be just a dream.”

The captain asked, “What dream?”

That comrade said, “I had a dream that we all got eliminated already. Thank god we are still alive.”

The captain paused for a moment, and then he looked around, not noticing any signs of battle or tracks left by other teams. He immediately began picking up equipment and prepared. 

But, at that moment, a referee’s voice came from their earphones. “You guys don’t need to fight anymore, you are all out.”

The captain paused, thinking that he heard it wrong.

Referee: “Look at your neck.”

Then, all the soldiers instinctively checked out their necks, and with a smudge with their hand, they found red paint on their fingers. They all just stared at each other with their eyes wide open as they stood there.

At this moment, the soldier that had dreamt of their defeat immediately said, “Wait, so it wasn’t a dream. I felt that someone did come here before.”

Seeing how dumbfounded they looked, the 21st MR’s commander really wanted to go to a corner and cry out of embarrassment. 

It had been fifteen minutes since Xu Cheng woke up. There were also several elite teams that had woken up and gotten ready. Some of the aggressive teams didn’t choose to defend but directly chose to strike, swimming around in this jungle while trying to find their next prey.

In the command center, those commanders all let out a sigh of relief. Now, at least their guys wouldn’t be taken out unknowingly by other people. As long as they woke up, the stronger teams’ commanders felt it was harvest time.

The big battle officially started. But, what Xu Cheng did in the beginning did amaze all of those commanders. The one that was most “amazed” probably had to be the commander of the 21st MR, his team was generously given the last place award. 

“Commander Xie, when you guys were filling out the signup forms, it said that your captain is this Hu Bing. How come I feel like something’s off here?” the 21st MR’s commander said in a strange tone.

Commander Xie obviously wouldn’t admit that the team was having internal conflicts which could hurt their reputation, so he just laughed and said, “This is called a decoy. You are last place, what do you know.”

The 21st MR’s commander wanted to argue back, but seeing how the 28th MR team that was ranked 15th place last year was approaching the 5th MR’s territory, he immediately smiled. “Looks like you aren’t going to be too far off from me. I’m last place, and you will be second last, hahaha.”

Commander Xie saw this scene and his face immediately changed.

Holy crap, how come they are encountering the 28th MR this soon? Why’s my luck so sh:t!”

He said to the technician, “Go back and show me when the 28th MR team came over.”

The technician nodded and then rewound the clip to a few minutes ago. Logically speaking, the 28th MR was coming from an outer region so they must encounter the teams of other military regions, and a battle would be inevitable.

Then, when the clip started playing, they indeed saw the 28th MR encountering the 33rd MR’s team which was ranked 18th place last year. The two teams seemed to have a tacit agreement, and the 33rd MR’s team actually just let the 28th MR go.

Upon seeing this, Commander Xie immediately looked at the commanders from those two military regions and scolded, “Shameless.”

Those two commanders shared a look and laughed, “This is called strategy. The mid-tier teams wouldn’t be able to beat the top-tier teams, but they definitely can’t be beaten by the low-tier teams. So, me and Old Jiang reached an agreement. Sorry, Old Xie, you guys are easy meat this year, we will take your team first.”

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