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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 208.2

Chapter 208: Someone Slipped Through the Net (Part two)

Commander Xie’s eyelids jumped. Furious, he sat there, silently calling Hu Bing an idiot. It would’ve been fine if they listened to Xu Cheng and left. 

When Hu Bing and the others were still setting up their defenses, a sniper rifle suddenly fired from the jungle and took one out by headshot. This immediately alerted Hu Bing and the others.

“Enemy attack!” Hu Bing shouted, and the other soldiers immediately rolled into nearby cover in the bushes or behind trees. The soldiers that rolled into the bushes quickly realized that there were already ambush, and three of them got their throat “sliced” right away. Then, those three soldiers jumped behind Hu Bing and others, like assassins. At the moment they jumped out, Hu Bing pulled out his gun and was about to shoot, but he was immediately pushed onto the ground by someone. His gun fell to the ground, and the siege circle closed in with dense bushes and tree trunks as covers, catching all the other rookies of the 5th MR by surprise.

Although Hu Bing didn’t have a gun on him, he was still not displaying fear against an enemy with a knife. He tried to duck and roll to pick up his gun, but before his hand could touch it, a sniper shot splashed up the dirt by his hand on the ground, warning him to not act rashly.

The soldier with a knife in his hand faintly smiled. Then, he withdrew his dagger and waved at Hu Bing. “Remember me? We met at the draw earlier, and I said that I would come and look for you and take care of you noobs. We got you guys with just knives and a sniper rifle.” 

Hu Bing’s face flashed a trace of anger. “You want me to fight you now? If I win, is your sniper still going to shoot?”

The guy with the knife faintly smiled. “We will see after you win. I’m Li Wei, remember. I will be taking the captain’s head of the 5th MR.”

Hu Bing: “I’m-”

Li Wei: “Not important. In my eyes, you are just a loser.”
As he said that, he directly dashed over and swung his fists. Hu Bing quickly took a few steps back and dodged that wave of attacks. But, this Li Wei was very strong. As the captain of a team that was ranked 15th last year, his skills were indeed not a joke. After exchanging a few moves, Hu Bing felt that he was up against a tough match.

Seeing how just a few punches made Hu Bing take a few steps back, he said in disdain, “Too weak, you are even weaker than Xu Cheng back during his prime days. It’s a joke for people like you to replace him. I thought you could give me a good warmup, but after seeing this, I think I don’t need to waste more time on such a weakling. You are not qualified to take up this much of my time.”

Then, he turned around and didn’t want to keep on fighting Hu Bing anymore. Hu Bing was immediately enraged out of embarrassment and wanted to attack him from behind in surprise, but who knew Li Wei would suddenly turn around with a side kick, directly sending Hu Bing into the air before his body landed heavily onto the ground.

At this moment, the other soldiers of the 5th MR broke free from the enemies’ blockade and raced over to fight Li Wei, shouting at Hu Bing, “Hurry up and run, we will buy you time!”

Hu Bing knew these people would try to protect him so he didn’t hesitate a second longer and tried to run. He understood that everything would still be possible if he was alive. He must not let his entire team be annihilated. So, he immediately dodged a few of the sniper’s bullets and tried to jump into the bushes to escape. 

Li Wei immediately pulled out two pistols and shot those soldiers out.

Then, at an amazing speed, he ran through the forest like a parkour master and quickly caught up to the escaping Hu Bing. He fired a shot at his calf, and with a “pong” sound, Hu Bing immediately fell to the ground. Although empty shells wouldn’t kill, they were still very painful.

Hu Bing still tried to run after getting hit, and Li Wei fired another shot at his other calf. At that moment, Hu Bing completely fell to the ground like a piece of meat on the chopping board.

In the monitoring center, a few of the commanders chatted, “Hu Bing definitely won’t be able to get away now. Outside there is the 33rd MR’s team. Even if he were to slip through the net, he would just end up feeding his point to someone else.”

The commander from the 21st MR laughed. Finally, his team won’t be alone anymore.

The 28th MR’s team finished the battle and concluded the results of this ambush.

“Cap, we have one casualty.”

Li Wei nodded. “Was the 5th MR completely wiped out?”


Li Wei was a bit shocked and he immediately asked, “No? Someone escaped? You didn’t count wrong?”

“There are a total of 14 of them, one slipped through the net.”

Just at that moment, a sniper shot hit the head of the soldier from the 28th MR that was talking. 

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  1. Nicole Somera

    Xu Cheng just descending like a grim reaper out to take souls.?

    Thanks for the chap, NT!

  2. Lee Min Ho

    Been waiting for his one man army show.

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