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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 209.1

Chapter 209: Kiting (Part one)

This sniper shot not only shocked everyone at the scene like thunder on a sunny day, even the commanders at the monitoring center were caught off guard. On the screen inside a bush, Xu Cheng was using a sniper rifle, and after headshotting someone, he immediately ejected the shell, chambered a new round, and headshot another soldier from the 28th MR.

“Flash snipe!” The commanders subconsciously shouted as they observed this. (TL Note: flash snipe means no scope) 

Yes, Xu Cheng didn’t even use the scope to aim but just went with his senses and landed two headshots in a row. Li Wei and the others noticed him and they immediately fired back. Xu Cheng didn’t dodge but was making slight movements.

Right, it wasn’t mistaken. He wasn’t running around or rolling on the ground to dodge the bullets, nor was he just running after taking one shot. He was just making slight movements with parts of his body. From the moment a bullet burst out from Li Wei’s muzzle, he already captured the trajectory and speed as if he was hacking, and he could predict the rest and evade accordingly, seemingly effortlessly. Then, he would raise the sniper rifle again and take another shot at a soldier from the 28th MR.


Another headshot.

Within a few seconds, three people were already on the ground.

Several commanders directly shot up from their chairs and went to the big screen to see how Xu Cheng was still managing to not get injured while taking shots. They were completely dumbfounded. 

“He… He didn’t get hit?”

The analyst said, “No, the sensors on him didn’t detect him getting hurt.”

“How’s that possible?” the commander of the 28th MR immediately shouted, “I believe in our Li Wei’s shooting skills. It’s impossible that this guy’s dodging the bullets at this range.”

Commander Xie: “But he’s doing it right now.”

The commander whose team got eliminated first looked at the Xu Cheng on the screen and said, “Tsk tsk, he didn’t leave but actually came back. This guy’s really an intelligent man with big nuts! And just how he’s gracefully dodging the bullets is enough to showcase his skills.”

Commander Xie smiled. “He’s Xu Cheng.” 

The 21st MR’s commander: “The head of the Three Swordsmen?”

Commander Xie nodded.

On the battlefield, the remaining 28th MR soldiers had almost lost their minds by Xu Cheng’s sudden appearance and how he so easily took down three of their guys. They immediately went to find cover and tried to move towards Xu Cheng. Li Wei was also dodging while firing shots at Xu Cheng. There was only one enemy, so the rest of the 28th MR team wasn’t too worried after calming themselves down. They began focusing fire on Xu Cheng.

With too many bullets in the air, Xu Cheng felt that it was a bit tiring to dodge them all. He immediately hid behind a tree.

Li Wei and the other 4 teammates confidently moved forward with their rifles pointing at the tree. With a wave of his hand, the 4 teammates closed in on the tree and accelerated as they approached. 

Seeing them surrounding him, Xu Cheng still appeared to be quite calm. He immediately took out two grenades he prepared and threw them at two sides. Li Wei and the others were shocked and they backed off right away.

With a loud boom, dirt and grass flew everywhere.

At the instant those 5 people were busy jumping away, Xu Cheng suddenly appeared and fired two no-scoped shots at two of the soldiers in mid-air. They were all hit in critical spots and directly eliminated!

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