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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 209.2

Chapter 209: Kiting (Part two)

Then, Xu Cheng casually dove into a bush, like an assassin calmly and handsomely returning back into the darkness after taking out his target.

A commander: “Does this guy not need the scope to shoot with that sniper rifle?”

“Those two shots were difficult because the targets were in mid air. He was actually still able to take out two people. This guy’s shooting skills and methods are very terrifying.”

Seeing two more teammates get taken out, Li Wei was immediately infuriated. He chased after Xu Cheng right away with his rifle and dagger as he shouted, “Fack this guy up!”

Xu Cheng calmly picked his escape route, and those spectating commanders shook their heads. “That won’t do. There’s the 33rd MR on the outer area. He’s better off staying in the area and trying to take out the rest of the 28th MR. The moment he gets spotted by the 33rd MR, they will very likely work with Li Wei to take him out. It’s unfortunate, Old Xie, your other soldiers were just taken out way too fast man. If they actually played around Xu Cheng, maybe something beautiful would’ve happened.”

How would Commander Xie not know this?

Instructor Yan, who had been sitting at the back, suddenly said out of the blue, “In this chaotic jungle battlefield, an elite-level lone wolf is the most difficult to deal with. I understand Xu Cheng. When he couldn’t convince Hu Bing, even if he left, he would come back. I think he wasn’t doing it to save his team, but was rather using this opportunity to ambush the enemies from behind and harvest all the points! Commanders, you probably forgot a very critical point. How did he really avoid all of those people of the 33rd MR and return to his starting location? Xu Cheng’s very skilled at avoiding people, traps, mines, and such. During the exercises we had, he was able to avoid threats every single time.”

The several old commanders listened to what he said. In the video, Xu Cheng was sprinting in the bushes. He was very quick, and although he was carrying a big sniper rifle, it didn’t affect his speed and ability to jump and run at all. In addition, his other hand wasn’t idling as well, as it was retrieving bullets from his vest and reloading his clip. Then, taking a look at the rest of the 28th MR that was still chasing him, he found the gap between them to be becoming bigger and bigger.

This gap was enough for Xu Cheng to turn around and unscrupulously continue to open fire with his sniper rifle. 

This range placed great restraints on the rifles and pistols Li Wei and his team were using, as both the accuracy and damage would take a huge hit at long distances. It was way too easy for Xu Cheng to dodge. They just saw Xu Cheng suddenly stopping, turning around, and firing a shot at one of the soldiers.

The scope wasn’t involved at all, it was basically all flash sniping.

The 7 soldiers chasing after Xu Cheng didn’t expect this at all. When one of the soldier just jumped over a bush, he just felt great impact against his chest as he fell back to the ground, with the system telling him that he was out.

Xu Cheng’s movements were very quick and agile. He took one down and immediately took aim at another. The sound of another gunshot pierced the jungle..

“Get down!” Li Wei shouted. He directly pulled one teammate down, helping him dodge a bullet. 

The remaining six soldiers looked at each other. They didn’t expect Xu Cheng to be this fierce. Those evasive and aiming movements were still vivid in their eyes.

“Boss, what should we do?” the six of them laid on the ground and said worriedly.

Li Wei looked at the remaining five of them and said, “This guy’s shooting skills this year are too terrifying. We can’t keep getting kited by him like this. He’s using the sniper, we can’t play with him with our rifles at all. We must get close to him and then take him out! How about this, you guys lay down cover fire and attract his attention, I will go around. It doesn’t look like he’s running anymore, the people of the 33rd MR are just outside.”

The other 5 people nodded. “Alright, is three minutes enough?”
Li Wei: “Two is enough. Let’s do this.” 

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