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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Deadlock

Xu Cheng knocked out the cigarette in the young boy’s hand and scolded, “What is a high school student doing smoking? Letting these high-quality cigarettes be smoked by a boy at your age is such a waste!”

“The teacher’s not even trying to tell me what to do, but you are in my face?” The young boy raised his eyebrows and said, “It’s boring already to live! If I can’t even smoke then what’s even the point?”

“Your brother doesn’t try to discipline you?” Xu Cheng asked.

“He does his own thing, and I go to school, but I think it’s boring.” The boy snorted.

Just then, Young Master Lin and his friends came to pick his little brother up in a sports car.

The boy laughed, “Brother, you are going to lose the bet.”

“Doubt it.” Young Master Lin jumped off of the car and took a good look at Xu Cheng to see if he had any injuries. After confirming that there weren’t bruises or wounds anywhere, he said, “You still dare to go on patrol? I heard Young Master Yun and those guys were really gonna be locked up this time for 15 days, and believe it or not, my bet is on you getting beat up really badly tonight.”

The little boy reminded Xu Cheng, “My brother knows this circle very well. If he says that you will get beat up, then you will definitely be attacked. I think it’s best if you go hide for a bit.”

“Being a policeman in itself is a dangerous profession. I’m more scared of losing my job if there aren’t any people breaking the law.” Xu Cheng couldn’t care less. After finishing his cigarette and seeing that most of the kids safely went home already, he realized that it was about time for him to go on patrol.

“You are just a patrol officer, why are you trying so hard?” the little boy said as he saw Xu Cheng walking away.

Xu Cheng turned around and replied, “I know the water in Shangcheng is deep, but everyone has a purpose. You guys follow your laws, and I execute my laws.”

Young Master Lin sneered, “I did some fortune-telling for you. You will see blood in the next two days. You are welcome.”

Xu Cheng smiled and directly left with his motorcycle.

Young Master Lin and his brother and friends talked as they watched him drive away.

“I heard that Yun Bing’s buddy, a guy called Luo Shao, found someone from the North Gate Gang to do some ideological work on the patrol officer,” the second-generation heir said to Young Master Yun, and the so-called ideological work just meant inhumane torture.

“Although North Gate is the weakest out of the four gangs, it’s still quite annoying to be entangled by them. This group of people was not completely eradicated in the past 20 years, and now they are more like a triad that knows about the law,” Young Master Lin replied.

“That’s why the government has a headache, but it’s not something we should care about.” Someone said to Young Master Lin, “You wanna bet?”

Young Master Lin turned over. “Bet what?”

“You know, bet how many days this little patrol officer can hold out.”

The others closed in as well. “Why not bet something bigger?”

The others raised their brows, not knowing what this guy was referring too.

“Like… bet when this patrol officer’s going to disappear from Shangcheng? The moment he loses his job will be the moment he disappears.”

The blonde-haired boy brushed his hair and added in, “I think he might surprise you.”

“Dong, you are still small, you don’t know how ruthless the four gangs are under the table. If this policeman was smart, he would switch to an office job at the station right now. The four gangs are notorious for the unscrupulous means they use in the dark,” Young Master Lin said to his little brother.

“To be honest, I am a bit surprised by how this guy managed to detain Yun Bing and the others.”

The others all nodded their heads and chipped in, “A lot of people are looking into this po-po, this guy probably still doesn’t know how many second-generation heirs and forces are toying with him to prove their status!”

The blonde-haired boy named Lin Dong threw away the cigarette and said, “Big Bro, let’s go follow him and take a look. If you really think he’s gonna be targeted tonight, let’s go check it out.”

“It’s in the North Gate Gang’s hands now, we can’t do anything,” Young Master Lin frowned and said to his little brother.

“It’s okay, we just need to follow him. His motorcycle is easy to spot anyways. If it’s really that Yun Bing or his friends’ doing, we can record it and blackmail him later,” the other guys laughed and said.

Young Master Lin thought about it. Since there was nothing else going on tonight, the group all jumped into the car and followed after Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng held onto the handlebar with one hand, as his other hand waved around in the air, trying to find that feel he had when he caught the fly in the kitchen. All of a sudden, he noticed the sports car in front of him suddenly decelerating. Thank god he had fast reflexes, or he would’ve rear-ended the a-s of the car in front of him.

Just at that instant, his subconscious mind ignited once again and made his body step onto the brakes. Due to the stop being so sudden, the motorcycle’s rear tilted up due to the strong deceleration as it came to a stop. Thank god, there was still a centimeter of distance between the two vehicles.

At that moment, the people in the sports car as well as the Jaguar and BMW in front of it all stepped out of the cars. The guy that drove the sports car was dressed in a black vest and wore golden chains around his neck, and he started shouting at Xu Cheng the moment he got out of his car. “You blind f*cker!”

The other people all closed in on Xu Cheng. “Yo dumbass, you rear-ended my man! What are you going to do to compensate him?”

“See for yourself, I didn’t hit him,” Xu Cheng got off of the motorcycle and said to them.

The dude in the gold chains kicked the motorcycle over and shouted in anger, “You think you are God just because you are in a police uniform? My f*cking detection system even prompted that you hit my car. I’m telling you, you are not leaving until you compensate me. I don’t care if you are a police officer or not. You rear-ended me, so you have to be held responsible.”

Seeing his motorcycle kicked over, Xu Cheng’s face slightly changed. He grabbed the guy by the collar and was a bit infuriated. “What do you want to do?”

“Huh? You are at fault and you still want to fight?” The man in the chains snorted. “Even if I sell your motorcycle, it wouldn’t even cover the cost of my car’s paint job, you know that? Hurry up, call and get someone to bring 300 thousand yuan over!”

“Why don’t you go rob a bank?” Xu Cheng frowned. “Go take a good look at your detection system, see if I really hit your car or not.”

The man in the golden chain necklace pushed his face closer to Xu Cheng’s, deepened his voice, and said, “You think you don’t have to compensate me just because you are a cop? I will give you 10 minutes. If the money doesn’t arrive, I will beat you up, and then it will be even. If you don’t have money, you can pay with your body, haha.”

Xu Cheng realized that these guys were deliberately causing him trouble. There weren’t a lot of people around in this area this late at night, and there was usually a speed limit. Even now, decelerating one’s car so suddenly was already illegal. They were clearly trying to get Xu Cheng to rear-end them.

“You guys violated the traffic law just now. Take out your IDs and let me see them,” Xu Cheng said.

The moment he took the high ground and began interrogating them as a police officer, the faces of those 7 men around him all turned grim. They silently surrounded Xu Cheng. The man with the chain necklace looked at Xu Cheng, his face looking a bit grim under the dark street light. “Think carefully, now it’s you that rear-ended my car, don’t bullsh*t about me breaking the law. It’s been two minutes, so you still have eight minutes.”

Xu Cheng was too lazy to go on with this nonsense. He was ready to walk past him. “I will go check out the detection system you installed in your car.”

The people surrounded him tighter, as if not wanting him to walk over. The scene immediately became a deadlock.

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    Just like saying, “I did not hit your face, your face hit my fist. Compensate me”

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