Chapter 210: Not Trading Him Even for Multiple Good Seeds (Part one)

After the head instructor had a quiet discussion with his commander, the commander smiled at Commander Xie and said, “Old Xie, my military region has a few good seeds, do you want them?” (TL Note: seed is rookie) 

“Oh?” Commander Xie was a bit tempted. “Old Zhou, there’s no free lunch in this world, you are not just giving them to me, right?”

“That’s for sure as well.” Commander Zhou laughed and said, “These good seeds of mine, if you train them properly, they can very likely become the next Three Swordsmen. How about it? Do you want them?”

Commander Xie smiled. “Just spill it, what are you up to?”

Commander Zhou: “This year, you got a pretty uneven team and dragged Xu Cheng behind. What I’m saying is, hand him to our 8th MR.”

“It’s fine.” Commander Xie directly declined.

Commander Zhou increased his offer. “Five top-tier seeds.” 

At this moment, the 28th MR’s commander sneered, “Old Zhou, I will trade with you for those 5 seeds. How about Li Wei? To be honest, Xu Cheng’s definitely not worth 5 good seeds. You saw our Li Wei, he’s definitely an elite. If you want, just bring over 5 good rookies.”

Everyone continued to watch the screen, and Li Wei was clearly very experienced. Like a snake, he slithered into the dense bushes and disappeared.

The other five soldiers remained on the ground and didn’t dare to move. They needed to give Li Wei a bit of time to get closer to Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng activated his penetrating vision, and each and every move they made were as clear as x-ray images in his eyes.

He noticed those five soldiers were not moving. Normal people obviously couldn’t see them since they were deep inside the bushes, but to him, no matter where they were and what they were doing, it was all in his vision field.

Suddenly, Xu Cheng crouched down and looked through his scope. 

At this moment, a few commanders that were spectating him were all curious as for what he was up to. Someone asked the technician, “Get the camera closest to him, see what he’s up to.”

The technician immediately switched to a camera on a branch behind him, granting a similar perspective as to what Xu Cheng was seeing.

The commanders were all a bit confused. “From his point of view, he can’t see anyone at all. Li Wei’s already closing in, using the scope at this time would only give Li Wei the opportunity to catch him off guard.”

From the footage captured by the camera, the direction Xu Cheng was looking indeed was completely blocked by bushes and branches and such. The commanders were all curious as to what he was trying to do with the scope.

But, after just three seconds, a loud shot was fired.

The bullet of this big sniper rifle went through the dense blockade of bushes and leaves. One of the five soldiers that were hiding immediately got hit on his helmet!


The monitoring center issued another casualty update, and the technician exclaimed, “He blind-sniped a guy, and it’s a headshot!”

Several commanders stood up right away; what just happened completely took their breath away. 

The commander from the 28th MR said as he tried to stay calm, “He probably just got lucky…”

Commander Xie sneered and continued to spectate, not saying a word.

The sudden fall of a comrade immediately shocked the other four in hiding. “Old Bi!”

At this moment… Pong!

Another guy felt a heavy hit on his helmet. It felt like his head was hit by a piece of metal as his ears began ringing. Then, after this guy fell and was feeling incredibly dizzy, he shockingly saw the rest of the three comrades falling down one after another after him, along with the “Pong”, “Pong”, “Pong” that sounded. They were all headshotted as well. 

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