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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 210.2

Chapter 210: Not Trading Him Even for Multiple Good Seeds (Part two)

Technician: “Five shots, five eliminations. All headshots and they were all from blind-sniping through a cover of dense bushes and leaves!”

The commander of the 28th MR immediately stood up, his mouth wide open.

But on the field, Li Wei had already circled behind Xu Cheng and suddenly jumped out, preparing to eliminate him with one strike. The 28th MR’s commander looked a bit relieved upon seeing this sight. “It’s over.”

Upon seeing this scene, Commander Xie and Instructor Yan both clenched their fist, really wanting to shout, “Xu Cheng, careful for behind!”

But, Li Wei was already high up in the air, ready to strike down. Within one second, he could strike the back of Xu Cheng’s head with a hand-blade (TL note: straightening the hand to make it look like a blade) and knock him unconscious.

But just at that moment, Xu Cheng seemed to notice that there was someone behind him. He took 8 seconds to take out those 5 people with his sniper, and suddenly, Li Wei came out from behind him.

Xu Cheng subconsciously turned around and aimed at Li Wei in mid-air. Li Wei shouted, “Do you still have bullets?” He had a look of disdain.

Xu Cheng’s sniper rifle could only hold 5 bullets at once, and this was indeed a miscalculation by him. If he still had bullets, he indeed could turn around and flash-snipe this flying Li Wei. The empty chamber sounded, he was indeed out of bullets.

Li Wei’s hand blade was already swinging over, but under that 0.5 second of time, a scene that shocked all the spectating commanders happened again. They just saw Xu Cheng’s leg moving so fast that it left behind a trail of afterimages as it straightened and landed on Li Wei’s chest. His hand blade didn’t even touch Xu Cheng before Xu Cheng’s long leg made an impact with his chest. That kick was completely out of instinct, so he couldn’t perfectly control the power. 

They just saw Li Wei flying away like a cannonball by Xu Cheng’s kick as he travelled about 5 meters and hit a big tree. Not to mention the ability to fight back, he directly fainted.

This immediately made all the commanders dumbfounded.

The 28th MR’s commander also got scared to the point of wanting to pee.

That split second melee confrontation was too shocking. Really, in a fight between two elites, every split second could have a critical effect, especially that simple yet brutal kick Xu Cheng threw at Li Wei. It felt like the kick didn’t only land on Li Wei, but those spectating commanders at all. 

Instructor Yan and Commander Xie finally let out a sigh of relief. Commander Xie looked at 8th MR’s Commander Zhou and laughed, “Sorry, Old Zhou, I won’t be trading even if you give me 10 good seeds.”

Commander Zhou’s eyes were locked right onto Xu Cheng, as he was completely conquered by the series of actions he just performed. He looked at Commander Xie and said, “Just consider it, 10 of them, absolutely talented rookies. If you want to trade, just tell me.”

Commander Xie snorted. “Nope, if even the Three Swordsmen could be easily traded, what would that show about our military region if we were to do that?”

Speaking of this, Commander Xie couldn’t help but glance at the 28th MR’s commander as he smiled deviously and said, “Aiya, Xu Cheng is indeed not worth much. He only took down everyone in the 28th MR’s team, that’s all. Maybe it’s best if you call the paramedics right now and tell them to peel Li Wei off that tree first.”

The 28th MR’s Commander felt his face burning from the slap. He directly glared at the tactical adviser, trying so hard to push down his rage so it didn’t burst out. He said faintly, “I remember that, as the tactical adviser, you are responsible for collecting data on all the potential powerhouses in this year’s competition, right?”

The advisor awkwardly nodded.

The 28th MR commander: “Then what rank do you think Xu Cheng can occupy? Judging by how he just 1v15ed.” 

Adviser: “At least top 30…”

The 28th MR commander directly threw his tablet at his head. “Then why the f*ck isn’t Xu Cheng even in the top 100 list?!” 

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