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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 211.1

Chapter 211: Why The Fack Don’t You Make Sound When You Walk? (Part one)

Commander Xie asked the referee, “What’s the current ranking right now?”

The referee immediately pulled up the current data and battle report onto the big screen. Presently, apart from Xu Cheng’s location, there were already chaotic battles happening in other areas. It was very lively.

In the vast area, other commanders were also looking at the situation of the teams from their own military regions with their dedicated screens. 

Seeing the referee pull up the comprehensive report, they all turned around to look.

Right now on the battlefield:

The 2nd MR: 7 survivors  

The 4th MR: 11 survivors

The 5th MR: 1 survivor

The 6th MR: 15 survivors

The 8th MR: 15 survivors

After only half a day, 15 teams were already kicked out, leaving 21 teams left in a chaotic and fierce battle.

Commander Xie and Instructor Yan exchanged a look, and they kept praying for Xu Cheng not to get eliminated. Just a little more, and the 5th MR could squeeze into the top 20 and that would make it a breakthrough year. In the past, they were always the first batch to get eliminated. 

– Taking another look at the scoreboard – 

Military Region Ranking:

1: The 5th MR – 30 points

2: The 6th MR – 30 points

3: The 4th MR – 15 points

4: The 8th MR – 15 points.

Commander Xie didn’t even need to look to know that the 30 points were all from Xu Cheng. And it was, indeed.

1: Xu Cheng – 30 points

2: Tie Shi – 12 points

3: Bagh – 11 points

4: Mo Dong – 11 points 

5: Xie Zhan – 10 points

Xu Cheng’s 30 points sent him straight to the top.

Then, taking another look at the individual power ranking Xu Cheng directly rose from 205th place to the 25th place. Judging by his performance, the comprehensive data analyst gave him a tier 1 soldier ranking, just a little below those star soldiers from the top 10 military regions.

The other commanders weren’t as surprised at first, but they were all shocked upon seeing the scoreboards. 

“What the fack, wasn’t the 5th MR a freebie this year? How did they end up first place?”

“Didn’t you see who’s first place on the individual scoreboard? He’s from the 5th MR, and he harvested all the points from two teams all by himself.”

“What kind of beast is this Xu Cheng guy?”

“I think I heard of him before. I remember him being a big carry-level guy from the 5th MR.”

“But it’s unfortunate, the 5th MR only has one survivor. No matter how scary he is, he isn’t to be feared.”

Then, taking a look at the battlefield, Xu Cheng went and picked up the ammunition and supplies on the 28th MRs team and began chewing on their food. The battle just now took a lot of energy, especially since he had been almost moving nonstop ever since waking up on an empty stomach. So, catching a break, he found a hidden place and began eating compressed dry food to replenish his energy.

Xu Cheng subconsciously looked up at a hidden camera installed on a branch above him. He seemed to know that Commander Xie and Instructor Yan would be watching him since he was the only one left anyways. Perhaps he wanted to assure them, he smiled at the camera.

Instructor Yan really wanted to get into contact with him and tell him to hide. If the other teams could fight harder and eliminate one more then they could squeeze into the top 20 this year.

But, after Xu Cheng finished eating, he picked up his equipment and began his harvesting journey to bring back glory to his name.

When Instructor Yan saw that this guy didn’t plan on turtling but instead went to seek fights, he immediately became nervous.

“This guy, we would be fine as long as he hides! What is he trying to do now?”

But obviously, him panicking was useless, because Xu Cheng couldn’t hear him and already went on his way.

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