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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 211.2

Chapter 211: Why The Fack Don’t You Make Sound When You Walk? (Part two)

Commander Xie immediately looked at another screen for the scoreboard, praying that the number of teams remaining could turn from 21 to 20. Please, just eliminate one more! Don’t let Xu Cheng get eliminated right now or we will only end up outside of the top 20.

At this moment, Xu Cheng activated his “I can see everything” mode. Due to the increase in his comprehensive strength from his hellish training, he could now extend the range to 3 kilometers. The incredible part about this ability was that he could easily find a sniper before they could notice a hint of danger. Any hiding or camouflage would be useless in front of Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng took advantage of the convenience of this ability to avoid the 33rd MR and made his way back. He originally wanted to leave this area from the same route, but he saw the 33rd MR colliding with the 13th. Wasn’t this a great chance to stir sh*t up for them?

Xu Cheng immediately ran towards the 33rd MR. 

The 33rd MR just played defense at their original start point, and when the 13th MR came over, both sides were stuck there and neither team made a move. Xu Cheng saw both sides hiding, and the 13th MR had set up ambushes along the trails leading out of the 33rd MR’s spawn point so they could surprise attack them the moment the 33rd MR comes out. The 33rd MR seemed to know this too and they just stayed put, preparing to turtle all the way to the end. The 13th MR was also patient enough, and both were preparing to take patience to the highest level, which was to die of natural causes. 

Xu Cheng couldn’t take it anymore. If you guys aren’t going to fight, then I will just force you.

At that thought, he carried his big sniper rifle and found a spot halfway up a small mountain. Coming to this highground allowed him to get a view of the entire spawn point of the 33rd MR, which was why the 33rd MR also deployed a sniper here responsible for scouting. The moment the enemies were to make a move, he would fire a warning shot, which hopefully could kill someone too. But, little did he know, Xu Cheng already quietly got behind him. He did a really good job hiding and camouflaging, but unfortunately, he ran into a hacker that could see through everything.

This camouflaged sniper from the 33rd MR was still scanning the area with the scope to see if anything abnormal was going on, but suddenly, he felt a chilling sensation around his neck. Then, a voice came from his earpiece. “You are out.”

The sniper wiped his neck, and holy crap, it was red paint. He turned around and immediately saw Xu Cheng squatting behind him like a ghost, almost scaring the piss out of this guy.

“I fack you little cactus, how the fack did you not make a sound when you work?” He couldn’t help but curse. Xu Cheng indeed scared him. It was already silent and lonely in the mountains. “I was hiding so well and you still found me! I know I don’t smell bad nor did I fart, how did you spot me?”

He said as he innocently took off his gear. After someone got eliminated, they would have to drop their equipment and gear and someone would come to bring them out.

Xu Cheng just grabbed that guy’s sniper rifle and said, “Don’t you know the scope reflects a glare under the sun?”

Upon hearing this, the sniper immediately patted his forehead. “Oh crap, that’s true. I forgot about that.”

Just at that moment, a few referees popped up from the bushes by the feet of the mountain and came up to take him away. 

In fact, there were underground passages set up under the entire battlefield. To avoid affecting the game, anyone that was eliminated would have to stay at the same spot and wait for staff to come out from the underground passage and take them away. That would minimize any effect the dead people could have on the rest of the game.

As the sniper was getting dragged away, he couldn’t help but say, “Tell me your name.”

“Xu Cheng. Remember it,” Xu Cheng said as he set up the sniper rifle he just looted and aimed towards the 33rd MR’s spawn point. 

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