Chapter 213 Even a fleet-footed runner can’t escape (Part one)

Instructor Yan continued, “I’ve got good news for you, there are now 21 teams still in the competition, and our 5th MR hasn’t been eliminated yet. Now we’ve broken our record of 22nd place and are in the top 21; maybe we can even enter the top 20. But I must tell you, all of this was achieved by Xu Cheng for our MR. I hope you will respect him from the bottom of your hearts because he can do what you can’t. No matter what place we win this year, I think you must go back and train harder, so you don’t hinder Xu Cheng and make him lose just because of you guys. Like this time, you didn’t give him the least bit of help. If you know your mistakes and feel ashamed, next year I hope I can see the result of your efforts.”

The soldiers nodded. “Head, don’t worry, we promise we’ll not become Captain Xu Cheng’s burden next year. Having witnessed the abilities of the senior soldiers from other MRs, we’ll remain humble and try not to disappoint Captain Xu Cheng again.”

Instructor Yan said, “Very good! Then I’ll wait and see your performance next year. That’s all I want to hear from you.”

Casting a glance at Hu Bing who remained silent under his jacket, Instructor Yan left.

“Captain Xu Cheng is amazing, he actually took out two MRs!”

“From the way he teased us in the training competition, I knew he was an experienced good soldier!”

“Many veterans admire Captain Xu Cheng. It turns out that he’s indeed strong; his strength makes people bow to him willingly.”

“Yeah. The head instructor is right. If we could have gotten him some more opportunities this time or even just covered for him, we might have moved to a higher position. What a pity.”

As they talked, one of the rookies was considerate and nudged the speaker while glancing at Hu Bing, reminding him that they were neglecting him.

Hu Bing had pulled up his jacket and the others could see his eyes were red-rimmed.

They all looked at him, and someone who was close to him even patted his shoulder, trying to comfort him.

After a long while, Hu Bing said, “I’m sorry. I know it’s too late to say that, but I still want to apologize. I should thank all of you for training with me; thank you, Old Wang, for sacrificing yourself to protect me at the critical moments. Thank you.”

Then, he bowed deeply to the other soldiers and remained in this position for more than ten seconds.

Finally, Old Wang grinned. “Anyway, we’re a team. If we don’t work together, how can we fight other teams? Hu Bing, be confident in yourself and your comrades! We’ll come back next year!” 

Hu Bing let out a bitter laugh. “I’m afraid I won’t be able to join you next year because I won’t be allowed to stay in the MR after this. Brothers, thank you for tolerating me.”

The other soldiers exchanged a look and then smiled at him. “It’s fine. It’s true that your abilities are the best among us. When we get back, I’ll give you my playboy magazine collection hidden under my pillow.”

Hu Bing laughed.

Standing at the door, Instructor Yan smiled; lighting a cigarette, he took a few puffs and then left. After this failure, the newbies would learn to be humble and become more mature in mind.

On the battlefield, a sniper rifle shot broke the silence in the zone of the 33rd MR.

A soldier hiding in the bushes was eliminated by a headshot and caused an uproar among the other soldiers.

“Enemies!” Captain Huang He of the 33rd MR yelled and tried to contact the scout on the hillside. Receiving no reply, he knew that their eye had been eliminated.

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