Chapter 215 Awesome! (Part one)

On the battlefield, Huang He was dumbfounded. He had been hit in the leg and fell; it wasn’t a fatal wound and didn’t get him eliminated, but then he got hit with a headshot on his helmet. When the system reminded him that he was eliminated, he was in a daze. Then he yelled at his comrades, “Run!”

Seeing he was eliminated, his teammates had to run, or they would be wiped out.

Toward the direction of the sniper Xu Cheng, Huang He gave a thumbs-up in admiration!

After the clip was played back, it showed Huang He was running behind the tight shield made up of his teammates, giving Xu Cheng no chance to hit him; but in the video, Huang He fell with one shot and then his head was shot right after. 

Commander Xie watched it over and over for a long while with narrowed eyes and then asked the technician, “Did Xu Cheng shoot him?” 

The technician nodded. “Yes. From Xu Cheng’s screen, I saw him fire twice.”

Commander Xie, Old Biao, and Commander Zhou asked immediately, “Did the camera catch the details?” 

The technician said, “It’s difficult. Our cameras are not so advanced that they can capture the bullet trail. But I can do a simulation analysis.”

The three commanders waited.

Then the technician shook his head. “I think it’s a bit ridiculous but it’s the only explanation.”

Commander Xie said, “Speak your mind. Show us your expertise.”

The technician nodded. “If it happened as I describe, then no one would dare to claim first place if Xu Cheng is second place in marksmanship.” 

Commander Zhou said, “Get to the point. Tell us how Huang He fell.”

The technician said, “Here’s what I think happened. The tall soldiers Zhou Long, Wang Qi, Zhang Lu, and Mo Lei was shielding Huang He. They are about 6 feet, which is tall enough to cover Huang He who is about 5 feet 6 inches, but not completely.”

Pointing at the big screen, he said, “Look, Huang He fell because he was shot in the leg. According to my analysis, Xu Cheng did it on purpose; I think he was trying to show us his terrifying marksmanship skills. The four taller soldiers could cover Huang He’s top half but not his legs. The taller soldiers have longer legs and thus cover more ground with each step, and Huang He has to move his legs more frequently to catch up with them. As the four taller soldiers took nine steps, Huang He had to take eleven steps to remain behind them. So, even though the five of them remained together, Huang He had to take two more steps than the others, thus showing his legs from behind the legs of the taller soldiers. That was the biggest hole in their defense!”

The three commanders blurted out, “That’s impossible!”

The technician said, “This is what I think happened. It can explain why Huang He got shot in his calf. It means that Xu Cheng had purposely aimed at the calf that was exposed from behind the longer legs of the taller soldiers. When Huang He fell, the other four couldn’t stop running immediately and thus left Huang He on the ground exposed to the sniper who then shot his head.”

The three commanders were stunned.

Commander Zhou shook his head. “This is absolutely impossible. How much concentration would he need to make that shot? Don’t forget that they were running at full speed, making it more difficult to aim than flash sniping Ah’Pao. Within the dense movements of the four pairs of legs, to find Huang He’s legs, he had to move his scope as fast as the running speed; meanwhile, he had to concentrate and predict the next moves of their steps. It’s no less difficult than grabbing chestnuts from fire or finding bacteria with a pair of reading glasses. It’s impossible.”

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