Chapter 215 Awesome! (Part two)

Old Biao also nodded. “He just got lucky.”

Commander Xie said, “I think so, too.”

The technician smiled. “Commanders, you neglected one point.” 

When they looked up at him in puzzlement, the technician said, “Why didn’t Xu Cheng fire the first moment they dashed out? The speed of his fingers could have taken them out just as he did with Ah’Pao. But he didn’t fire, which meant that his target wasn’t the four taller soldiers. With his marksmanship, he could have eliminated one tall soldier in two seconds and thus eliminated all the taller soldiers blocking his scope in eight seconds. But he had been aiming and waiting for a chance to get Huang He. It shows he was confident that he could do what I had just described, and he did it. Do you still think it was a lucky shot?”

The three commanders’ jaws fell as their minds tried to process this unthinkable fact.

The technician was right; Xu Cheng had indeed done what the technician described because he got the rhythm caught by the ultrasonic wave.

He had been waiting for Huang He’s leg to leave the cover of the the longer legs of his four teammates. As a shorter guy, Huang He had to take more steps to cover the same distance that a taller guy covered with 20 steps. With more frequent movements of his legs than his teammates, it gave Xu Cheng a chance to shoot at him.

It was why Huang He gave him the thumbs-up when he was eliminated; he admitted defeat with admiration for his enemy!

As he lay on the ground waiting for the staff to take him away through the underground passage, he saw the soldiers from the 13th MR dash over. They were about to shoot at him but then they stopped as they saw he had torn off the badge from his sleeve, which meant he had been eliminated. They looked around to see if anyone else were left in the area.

At this moment, lying on the ground, Huang He heard five sniper shots. After that, the soldiers of the 13rd MR fell into an uproar as five of their soldiers dropped from headshots.

The captain of the 13th MR yelled at his team, “Snipers! Take cover!”

The ten soldiers scrambled to take cover behind big trees, just as Huang He and his team had done. Huang He hoped the staff would let him witness more terrifying shots of the sniper before they took him away; he wanted to see if the sniper had just been lucky or was truly a terrifying shooter.

Leaning on a big tree, the captain of the 13th MR saw Huang He grin at him from the ground and found his smile very creepy. 

“Captain, even Huang He was eliminated. I’m sure there is a team from one of the top 10 MRs around us,” one of the 13th MR soldiers said to their captain. 

The captain didn’t reply but looked at Huang He who lay dead in the distance; he found Huang He’s smile very disturbing. Soon, some staff came out from underground to take away the eliminated soldiers. Huang He said to them before he was taken away, “Please wait a minute here; I think some of these guys will be eliminated soon. Just wait underground and you’ll see.” 

Hearing his words, the captain of the 13th MR became angry; he asked his comrades, “Who has a smoke grenade? Toss it out and block the sniper’s vision so that we can run.”

The soldier who had a smoke grenade on him nodded and tossed it toward the clearing in the direction of the sniper. Soon, the forest was filled with smoke and no one could see anything around him. 

The captain of the 13th MR waved his hand. “Go!” 

But, the moment he stepped out, Xu Cheng fired. 

In the smoke, Huang He saw a figure falling to the ground, who he recognized to be the captain of the 13th MR. Huang He only blurted out one word, “Awesome!”

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