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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 217.2

Chapter 217 Then…I’ll make a move now! (Part two)

Instructor Yan looked toward the 8th MR. “Shameless!” 

Commander Zhou: “…” 

Instructor Yan said, “It’s hard to say. But I’m hopeful.” 

Commander Xie glared at him, not satisfied with his answer. “What do you mean you’re hopeful? He’s your soldier and pal; you should know him the best. Don’t be so vague.”

After a moment of consideration, Instructor Yan said, “It’s hard to say because I fought him once.” 

Commander Xie asked, “Who won?” 

Instructor Yan answered, “He won.” 

Commander Zhou said, “Any two of my three main soldiers can defeat you with ease; even though Xu Cheng can defeat you, it doesn’t mean he can defeat my three main soldiers.” 

Instructor Yan looked like he wanted to say something but stopped. Commander Xie stared at him and said, “Speak your mind.” 

Instructor Yan said, “I said I’m hopeful because I wasn’t at any advantage at any point when I fought him. I can only say his abilities are unfathomable. Commander Zhou, indeed I can’t defeat your three soldiers, but I’m sure I can fight back. But when I faced Xu Cheng, I felt as helpless as if I was an ordinary man who was trying to bend a steel plate. No matter how hard you try, you can only hurt yourself.”

Commander Zhou looked doubtful; pursing his lips, he said in disgust, “Are you serious? Yan, I find the older you are, the less clearly you are able to express yourself. I told you to read more books. It seems like you’re running out of words to describe Xu Cheng and made him sound like a monster. Do you mean my three main soldiers are not his match?”

Instructor Yan nodded. “So I said I’m hopeful.” 

Indifferently, Commander Zhou turned his head back to the screen and saw Yan Wei, Wu Hao, and Wang Ying were closing on Xu Cheng. Strangely, Xu Cheng didn’t move a muscle, not even his eyes.

In contrast, his three opponents didn’t dare to make a move as he remained so calm. 

Commander Zhou clicked his tongue. “What the heck are they waiting for?” 

The deputy instructor sitting beside him said, “Yan Wei was once defeated by Xu Cheng, so they know Xu Cheng’s power to a certain extent. They are very cautious with him, and I think they are testing the waters.” 

Five minutes later… 

Commander Zhou’s jaw dropped. “Do they need five minutes to test the waters?” 

Even Xu Cheng finally looked up at the three soldiers who kept walking around him but didn’t attack, saying, “Do you want to fight or not? If you don’t, I’ll leave.”   

Yan Wei and the other two almost spewed out blood. They were trying tensely to find Xu Cheng’s weaknesses, but he just stood there solemnly; it turned out he just didn’t take this fight seriously. 

Facing this insult, Wu Hao became angry and attacked immediately. 

Striding over, he swept his leg at Xu Cheng. 

The fight began! The two commanders watched it tensely. 

When Wu Hao’s foot connected with the side of Xu Cheng’s waist, Xu Cheng didn’t dodge and took it expressionlessly as if he didn’t feel anything. Then he said, “I took the kick as my gift to you guys. Now, I’ll begin.”

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