Chapter 218 I won’t forgive you (Part one)

That said, Xu Cheng dropped his arm, caught Wu Hao’s leg, and then with a roar, he picked up Wu Hao’s body and swung him out. 

On the screen, Wu Hao’s big body was swung out for about 8 meters before crashing into a tree. Wu Hao had never understood how Yan Wei felt when the latter was sent flying by Xu Cheng with one fist, and he even thought Yan Wei exaggerated. But, when he was sent flying, he finally understood what Yan Wei meant. When his body crashed into the tree, which almost broke him apart, all he could think was two words, “Fack you!”

Instructor Yan looked at Commander Zhou’s wide-open mouth and said, “At least Wu Hao touched Xu Cheng; he should be happy about it.”

Commander Zhou narrowed his eyes at his mocking words. 

Remembering that he couldn’t even touch one hair of Xu Cheng when he fought with him outside the dorm building, Instructor Yan thought it was the most humiliating experience for him. Imagine in a fight that you couldn’t even touch a corner of your opponent’s clothes while your opponent punched and kicked you again and again; you’d want to die at the humiliation. For a high-level fighter, it was the cruelest torture!

Hearing Wu Hao’s scream, Yan Wei and Wang Ying immediately attacked grimly. Having been beaten by Xu Cheng once, Yan Wei didn’t fight him head-on; instead, he threw a fake punch. Before Xu Cheng’s hand could touch him, he immediately withdrew his fist and gave Wang Ying the opportunity.

With a scissors kick, Wang Ying caught Xu Cheng’s ankle with her legs and twisted. Caught off guard as he was facing Yan Wei, Xu Cheng stumbled and knelt on one knee. Wang Ying got up and caught Xu Cheng’s waist with her strong legs and then strangled his neck from behind. When she pulled out the dagger to cut his throat, Xu Cheng slapped down her dagger. 

He said through his clenched teeth, “I don’t hit women!”

With her whole body pressing down on his back, Wang Ying caught his waist with her legs while her hands held his neck, keeping him down with her butt on his spine. Half kneeling, Xu Cheng couldn’t straighten his back nor stand up. 

It looked like Xu Cheng was at a disadvantage, but he still said those words. Angrily, Wang Ying pressed down with more force, yelling, “I’ll show you women are not weak.”  

The instructor of the 8th MR said as he watched the video, “Ying’s melee combat skill is like the movements of a python; she can flexibly entangle her limbs around her opponent and then tense up all her muscles, which can restrain any high-level opponent. She knows Xu Cheng’s great strength and has especially practiced this melee restraining method to deal with him. So long as Xu Cheng’s hands and feet are restrained, he will lose most of his power.”

Instructor Yan said in disgust, “That’s despicable.” 

On the battlefield, Wang Ying yelled at Yan Wei in a low voice, “What are you waiting for?”

Nodding, Yan Wei picked up the dagger to cut Xu Cheng’s throat and eliminate him. At this moment, Xu Cheng indeed didn’t get out of Wang Ying’s restraint, not because he didn’t want to but that he was afraid of hurting Wang Ying. After all, if he break out with force, he would break Wang Ying’s limbs.   

But when Yan Wei dashed up to eliminate him, Xu Cheng couldn’t give him a chance; roaring, his knelt leg supported up his body, letting him headbutt Yan Wei’s stomach. 


Yan Wei lost his balance as his internal organs shifted positions, sending frantic signals to his brain. Showing the white of his eyes, he retched as his whole body flew backward and the dagger flew out of his hand. As he flew through the air dizzily, the memories of how Xu Cheng had sent him flying with one fist came back to his mind. This time however, the fist changed into an iron head while he was again sent flying like a fragile kite…

Commander Zhou watched with wide eyes as another main soldier of his flew out. The instructor sitting beside him opened his mouth so wide that two eggs could be stuck into it. They wondered if the spectator camera was glitching; why did the people on the screen keep flying left and right?

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