Chapter 219 You’re a b-----d (Part one)

After Xu Cheng left, the remaining people were all dumbfounded. After all, he had claimed so gentleman-like that he wouldn’t hit women, making Wang Ying angry but also touched. However, in the next moment, he used her as a shield to block bullets for him. The soldiers of the 8th MR were infuriated by his thick skin.

Wang Ying was a goddess in their eyes. In the military region that was full of men, they had never seen such a heroic woman before, and she was even a beauty. Like a flower blooming in the green bushes, she was doted on by everyone. But just now, that b-----d used their precious goddess as a shield to block bullets for him?

He was supposed to shield her and protect her, right? He was a man and should block bullets for her. However, Xu Cheng did the opposite and even dropped their goddess onto the grass carelessly before he left. 

He had hurt their goddess’s feelings heartlessly right under their noses. 

Seeing Wang Ying sitting there and weeping, her teammates were enraged. 

If Xu Cheng knew their thoughts, he would’ve retorted, “She asked me not to belittle her and treat her like a woman; so, I had to treat her like a man.”

Seeing this sight, Instructor Yan shook his head. “I know why he’s still single now.” 

“Damn it! Kill him!” The soldiers of the 8th MR roared and raced after Xu Cheng. 

Yan Wei was still on his haunches vomiting; Wu Hao lay on the ground, still trying to regain his strength even though he wasn’t eliminated yet. Their eight teammates raced away driven by rage, leaving them on the ground to regain their breaths.

Three minutes later, a guy walked out from the bushes, startling Wu Hao and Yan Wei.

This guy was no other but Xu Cheng. 

He had drawn away the others and came back from another direction. 

“In this state, you two will be soon eliminated; I better take the points rather than give them to others.” With a smirk, Xu Cheng pulled out his dagger, squatted down beside Yan Wei, and slashed at his neck. 

Yan Wei, who had been vomiting, now almost spewed out blood; how can this kind of b8stard exist in this world? He tricked them again! 

“Xu Cheng, you can’t be so despicable.” Looking at him, Wu Hao moved backward and said with trembling lips, “Can’t you be less scheming and show more sincerity?”

“Shut up.” Xu Cheng said with a grin, “I gave you guys so many opportunities to join hands with me, but you insisted on fighting me. I planned to leave but considering you and Yan Wei have got some serious wounds and might have broken some bones, you’ll have to go to the hospital immediately. I think it would be better for you to get eliminated now and go to the hospital as soon as possible.”

Wu Hao didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. “Then I guess I still have to hank you?”

“You’re welcome.” When Xu Cheng reached over to slash his neck with his dagger, Wu Hao moved his head back and said, “Are you really going to eliminate me?”

Xu Cheng nodded. 

Wu Hao said, “I admit defeat. But I have a request for you. If you agree, I’ll let you eliminate me.”

Xu Cheng nodded. “Fine. Go ahead.” 

Wu Hao said, “I’ll give you a punch, but you can’t fight back. Only one punch. I might have a bone broken or just bruises, but they are not as painful as the frustration I’ve felt. Can I just give you a punch? You can refuse, but you won’t get away from it after treating Ying that way. If you agree, I’ll punch you just to show it to Ying.” 

After a moment of consideration, Xu Cheng said, “No problem.” 

Then he stood up, and so did Wu Hao. Wu Hao stretched his fists and legs and found he could still swing a punch. 

At this moment, Wang Ying’s voice floated to them. “Captain Wu Hao, hit him! Hard!” 

Wu Hao nodded. “Ying, don’t worry; I’ll hit him for you and avenge you.” 

When he clenched his fist, Xu Cheng asked, “Are you sure you want to do it?”

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