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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 219.2

Chapter 219 You’re a b-----d (Part two)

Wu Hao raised his eyebrows. “That’s a question I want to ask you. Do you want to take a punch from me? To be honest, I once sent a rookie to the hospital for one month with one punch. Think about it.” 

Xu Cheng said, “I’ll be fine so long as you’re okay with it.” 

Then he moved a step back and puffed out his chest, saying, “Come on!”

In the spectator room, Commander Xie and Instructor Yan looked at Commander Zhou and said resentfully, “Your soldiers are shameless. They are violating the rules. What if he injures Xu Cheng?” 

Commander Zhou said in a huff, “Your Xu Cheng is truly shameless to return like this, and you are saying that my soldiers are shameless? Wu Hao isn’t eliminated yet and thus he isn’t breaking the rules. Besides, Xu Cheng agreed to do it. You should just shut up.” 

The two commanders snorted and turned to their respective screens, ignoring each other. 

Wu Yao yelled, “I’ve waited for this moment for a long time. Have a taste of my fist!” 

He strode over and swung his fist in a big arc, creating a whistling sound. When his fist slammed onto Xu Cheng’s chest, it let out a loud “Bam” sound. 

On the screen, time seemed to have stopped. Xu Cheng remained standing and Wu Hao retained his posture of punching. With his fist still on Xu Cheng’s chest, neither of them moved.

Commander Zhou thought Xu Cheng would retreat two steps and fall with a wound, but in the next second, he was astonished to see that Wu Hao withdrew his hand shakily and supported the slumped arm with the other hand; then, he dropped to his knees with a hysterical scream… 

Seeing the man was weeping, Xu Cheng squatted down with a sigh and touched his head, saying, “I asked you if you wanted to do it. Stop sulking.”

Wu Hao roared with tears on his face, “Don’t touch me. Stay away from me. I hate you. You planned this too!”

Without giving Xu Cheng the chance to slash his neck, Wu Hao picked up Xu Cheng’s dagger from the ground and made a slashing move at his own neck, looking like a virtuous woman who would rather die than let the scoundrel Xu Cheng take advantage of his booty. 

Xu Cheng said, “I was going to let you hit me. But when I saw the spasms on your face and neck as you swung the punch, I was afraid of your great strength, so I activated my Golden Bell Technique.” (TL Note: It’s an ancient martial art technique that makes your body as tough as one of those giant golden bells at temples) 

“Fack off.” Wu Hao cried harder. 

Xu Cheng stood up and walked to stand beside Wang Ying. Thinking he came to apologize, she snorted resentfully and said through her clenched teeth, “I don’t want to hear your apology.” 

Without a word, Xu Cheng squatted down beside her and took away her rations, sniper rifle, and ammunition before leaving, making the prideful Wang Ying almost spew out blood. Weeping in fury, she screamed at Xu Cheng’s back, “Xu Cheng, you’re a b-stard!”

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  1. Rissay Ibrahimi

    Got what she deserves

  2. addicted

    i can’t find the raws of this story no matter how much i look. can someone help me

  3. Deemon900

    Addicted try searching 龙组兵王, I don’t know if it works because I can’t read chinese but something that looks like this novel came up.
    Can’t reply directly, the button doesn’t work for me.

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