Chapter 220 Moronic teammates (Part one)

Looking at Xu Cheng’s retreating back, Commander Xie blurted out, “Well done!” 

Commander Zhou tossed down the data tablet and roared at Commander Xie, “Is this what you teach your soldiers?” 

Commander Xie retorted, “It shows that he’s a true soldier. On the battlefield of a major competition, he wasn’t distracted by a woman’s pretty face and remained focused. From the very beginning, he had never paid any special attention to your Wang Ying, which is why you’re angry. But I think that shows that he’s a good soldier who can achieve big things!” 

Commander Zhou: “I’ll kill you!” 

Commander Xie: “Bring it on. I’m not afraid of you!” 

The two fellows began to insult each other. 

Commander Xie continued to anger Commander Zhou by saying how his Xu Cheng eliminated the latter’s three main soldiers with ease. 

Angry that he had lost three main fighters, Commander Zhou rolled up his sleeves and said, “You just wait. I’ll talk to Xu Cheng in private and steal him from you. I’ll get the beautiful girls of my office department to go to him every day and seduce him. I’ll see if he can resist it.” 

Commander Xie: “You damned old guy! How can you say this? Do you want a fight?” 

Commander Zhou: “Bring it on. I tell you I’ve been wanting to hit you for a long time.”

Seeing the two old men over 60 years were about to fight in front of the other commanders, Instructor Yan and the instructor of the 8th MR were embarrassed. Both parties had higher positions than them; it wouldn’t do if they entered the fray and hurt the other, but still they must show their loyalty as their wingmen and subordinates.

Instructor Yan immediately strode over to stand beside Commander Xie as the instructor of the 8th MR went to stand beside his own leader. Seeing these two guys came to them, the two old men who were about to fight immediately stopped, realizing they didn’t have to do the battle themselves; after all, they had subordinates to do it!

Commander Zhou yelled at the instructor of his MR, “Hit him!” 

Commander Xie also said to Instructor Yan, “Go get him!” 

It turned out they had been just bluffing; their subordinates wanted to die…  

Immediately, Instructor Yan pointed at the screen and said, “Look! Xu Cheng’s back.” 

The two old commanders looked up; immediately Commander Zhou’s eyes widened. “Fack! How can he be so shameless?”  

Xu Cheng took out four land mines from the deserted bags in the distance and came back to plant them in the ground beside Wu Hao and Yan Wei; he smoothed out the bumps on the ground to make them look natural.  

Yan Wei and Wu Hao, who were pretending to be dead, glared at him. Xu Cheng hushed them and said, “When they realize they can’t find me and remember you two are wounded, they’ll come back for you. Please act professionally and be good corpses; if you alert them, you’ll break the rules and lose points.” 

When the soldiers were eliminated, they must stop talking and pretend to be dead, waiting for the staff to bring them away. If they broke the rules, losing points was the lightest punishment they could receive; if they revealed the information to their teammates and affected the fairness of the battle, they might lose the qualification to enter next year’s competition and have to wait for the year after the next to compete again. 

Staring at Xu Cheng for a long time, Yan Wei spat out two words through his clenched teeth, “Friendship over.” 

Wu Hao gave him a thumbs-up. “The degree of your brazenness is as deep as your abilities. I admit defeat.”

Ignoring them, Xu Cheng saw with his penetrating vision that the 8 soldiers were coming back, so he left immediately. 

Wu Hao and Yan Wei were exasperated because the b-----d Xu Cheng had planted the landmines just beside them, subjecting them to the explosions of land mines even after death.

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