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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 220.2

Chapter 220 Moronic teammates (Part two)

Sighing, they both tore the signs from the sleeves to show that they had been eliminated. Then, they covered their ears and continued to pretend to be dead, afraid their eardrums would be shattered when their teammates stepped on landmines. 

Sure enough, the 8 soldiers raced back in fury, yelling, “That b-----d was fast and he disappeared in the blink of an eye. Damn it, I’ll give him a good lesson when I get him.” 

One of his teammates still had a clear head on him, saying, “I hope we won’t meet him again. That fellow is extremely strong. Didn’t you see how he sent Yan Wei and Wu Hao flying with one move?” 

“Don’t be a coward. We have guns.”

“Let’s go and check up on Captain Yan and Corporal Wu Hao.”

Then they saw Yan Wei and Wu Hao lying on the ground. They didn’t need to check up on Wang Ying since she had been eliminated, but they didn’t know that Yan Wei and Wu Hao had also been eliminated. Yan Wei and Wu Hao tried to send signals to them with their eyes, but still they walked closer. 

Yan Wei and Wu Hao howled silently, “Damn it! Don’t come closer…”

Being beaten by Xu Cheng without being able to touch even a single corner of his clothes was torture, but it felt worse to know that there were land mines around them and that their teammates were approaching, about to detonate them. It felt like someone shot at your head and you know you can’t dodge it, but time slowed down and extended the process of the bullet piercing your head over centuries. 

As they watched, two of their teammates ran over, squatted down, and asked them in concern, “Corporal, are you okay? Can you get up?” 

Fortunately, they didn’t step on the land mines planted by Xu Cheng, but the remaining six soldiers were coming, too. 

Not able to speak, Yan Wei and Wu Hao widened their eyes at them desperately and tried to bring their teammates’ attention to their sleeves or the paint on their necks.

However, the two teammates didn’t notice the signals they tried to give them. Instead, they were curious why the two guys didn’t speak and were plugging their ears with their fingers. They reached over to pull at their fingers, saying in concern, “We’ll help you up.”

If they could, Yan Wei and Wu Hao would have yelled, “Don’t facking help us up! Don’t you see the paint on our necks? Look at our sleeves! We aren’t speaking because we’re dead. Ahh, get your hand away from me! Don’t pry at my fingers! You guys over there, don’t come closer! There are land mines.”

Seeing the 8 teammates walking over, Yan Wei and Wu Hao shook in frustration as sweat began to pop out on their foreheads; meanwhile, their hands covering their ears were pulled away by their moronic teammates.

In the next moment, Wu Hao couldn’t bear the torture and his moronic teammates anymore and roared, “Damned morons! I’m dead!”

But it was two late; the six teammates had run over and stepped on the land mines.





As the four land mines were detonated, the explosion sent up sand, mud, debris, and shredded grass, almost deafening Yan Wei and Wu Hao. From within the screams, Yan Wei and Wu Hao roared, “Xu Cheng, I’m going to fack your face…”

To add insult to injury, the referee informed them, “You two just broke the rules…” 

The two guys cursed, “Fack!”

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  1. TL, in the email, you repeated chapter 218 as the first mass release chapters. Whereas, that was Friday’s release. It’s supposed be chapter 219 instead.

    • noodletowntranslated

      oh crap yeah sometimes when we make mistake and we correct it, it doesn’t reflect on the email since the email was already sent out. It should be fixed now, sorry for the confusion!

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