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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 221.1

Chapter 221 Tough opponents (Part one)

After the 8th MR was wiped out, Commander Zhou and Commander Xie were engaged in a fist fight. Previously, Commander Zhou had claimed that he would fight it out with Commander Zhou if the three main soldiers of the 8th MR eliminated Xu Cheng, but the situation had reversed, and Commander Zhou lunged directly at him.

As their wing men, Instructor Yan and the instructor of the 8th MR began to fight as well.

This was a common scene in the military. No one could stop the veterans from fighting each other, and the guards didn’t want to intervene. After all, there had been fistfights each year because of eliminations. Besides the competition battlefield, the spectator room was also a battlefield without smoke from guns. 

But comparatively, the fist fights here were not as pleasing to the eye as the fights in the competition. The two old guys pulled at clothes and grabbed hair, making the other old commanders snort in disdain.


“At their age, they still use fists to solve arguments. No wonder the politicians always call us barbaric thugs in uniforms.” 

“Yeah. Instead of improving their abilities as they grow old, they just got even hotter tempers.”

“They bring shame on us seniors in the military regions.” 

“Old Zhou, your 8th MR had always been in the top 5 but got eliminated this year earlier than expected. It’s no big deal. Don’t get angry; it’s normal to lose once in a while.” 

Commander Zhou was even more angered at the mocking words and threw a cup of tea at them. “Fack you!”

As the tea sprayed all over them, the old commanders lost it too, yelling, “Fack you!” 

Shedding their previous veneer of dignity, they immediately entered the fray, making the situation even more chaotic. 

The captain who was in charge of order shivered in one corner. His subordinates came over and asked him worriedly, “Captain, shall we break them up?” 

“Break them up?” the captain snorted. “The previous captain tried to do that and got a beating himself; he was sent into hospital and then moved to another position. I took his position after that.” 

Evening came.

On the battlefield, Xu Cheng hid in the bush and crunched on hardtack. Checking the sky, he saw it was almost evening. As the gunshots became scarce, he guessed that at least two thirds of the teams had been eliminated.

The jungle turned quiet because the ammunition was running low. During the night, it was the perfect time for assassination mode solo combat, which would give Xu Cheng the best opportunity, and he had prepared lots of ammunition and a sniper rifle for it. With the remaining 20 bullets, he could take out as many soldiers as possible; it would be best if he could eliminate some of those super star soldiers with high solo combat abilities. 

In the dark night, you guys can’t see me, but I can see you. 

After replenishing his energy with the hardtack, Xu Cheng didn’t want to wander around to find targets. He climbed up into a huge plane tree and took cover in its many branches. He guessed that the remaining strong teams were either waiting for others to attack them or hunting like predators. So, when Xu Cheng shot into the sky, the soldiers hearing the gunshot all flocked toward his direction like sharks that had smelled the scent of blood. 

In the spectator room, the commanders whose teams were still in the competition watched the battleground with meal boxes in their hands. Commander Xie’s face had scratches from Commander Zhou; of course, Commander Zhou wasn’t faring any better and was still trying to stop blood oozing from his nose. Instructor Yan and the instructor of the 8th MR were in worse conditions with bandages around their heads. The damaged chairs had been replaced. 

Seeing Xu Cheng’s gunshot drew the 6th MR to him, Commander Xie was anxious. “The 6th MR was first-place last year! The fellow is playing with fire.” 

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  1. Deemon900

    In the 2nd sentence it is: “Commander Zhou had claimed that he would fight it out with Commander Zhou”. I belive one of them shoul be Commander Xie.

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