Chapter 221 Tough opponents (Part two)

The commander of the 6th MR sipped his tea calmly and said with a chuckle, “He wants to shoot them from his hiding place now that it’s totally dark in the densely forested battleground. But he’ll find that he has miscalculated. Our team has two top-level soldiers in this competition.”  

As the three soldiers raced toward his direction, Xu Cheng narrowed his eyes when he saw the signs of the 6th MR on their sleeves. 

Wang An and Ye Qiu. 

They were the No.1 and No.2 star-soldiers on this competition’s combat-strength ranking! According to the documents that Instructor Yan gave to him, these two soldiers had the best marksmanship and individual abilities; their comprehensive abilities made them the top soldiers of the A-class and the candidates for the MVP of this year’s competition.

He was surprised that his gunshot drew these two to him. Judging from the direction they came from, he knew they had killed their way from the outer range. It meant the three soldiers had eliminated lots of soldiers on their way here, which was enough to show that they were indeed worthy of their reputation.  

Before they could get close, Xu Cheng wondered if he should leave while it wasn’t too late. But soon, the blood-thirsty cells in him made him eager to battle with these pros. 

Wang An and Ye Qiu came to a spot not far from Xu Cheng. Ye Qiu narrowed his eyes, saying, “I think this is the spot where the gunshot came from, but there’s no one around and not a trace of a fight. It means someone used the gunshot to draw us here. Watch out for traps.” 

Then, the three of them walked over and stood under a big tree subconsciously, disappearing from the scope of Xu Cheng’s sniper rifle. 

With a smile, Ye Qiu yelled at the clearing, “Brother, come out of hiding and fight us. You’re still alive, which means you’re a good soldier. Don’t you think it’s beneath you to shoot us from the darkness? Let’s decide the winner with hand-to-hand combat, okay?” 

Xu Cheng had to admit that these two soldiers were not easy to deal with since his sniper rifle couldn’t pierce that big tree.

As no one answered in the big jungle, the disheveled guy who had survived by tagging along with Ye Qiu and Wang An said, “Maybe we thought too much of it.” 

Wang An shook his head and said, “I’m one hundred percent sure that someone’s out there. If I’m not mistaken, he’s up in that tree. That gunshot alerted the birds and sent them flying, but did you notice the birds didn’t fly to that area? It means someone’s hiding there. Due to the dim lights, we can’t see where he is. This guy is good; anyone who didn’t notice the details would have walked over and gotten eliminated by him.”  

His teammate nodded. “What do we do then? Shall we retreat?”

Ye Qiu said, “Retreat? Have you seen us retreat on our way here? It’s evening and in half an hour, the sky will get totally dark. If he’s still up there by then, I’ll shoot him down.” 

Witnessing this sight, Commander Xie praised, “They are indeed top-level soldiers; it’s no coincidence that you’ve obtained the top place each year.” 

The commander of the 6th MR smiled smugly and returned the favor, saying, “This year, your Xu Cheng is good, too. Right now, only less than 8 MRs are left in the competition, which means you’ve entered the top 10.”

Hearing this, Commander Zhou of the 8th MR became resentful again and snorted to show his disdain. 

Still angry after engaging in a fistfight with him, Commander Xie gave him a dirty look. “The rhinitis is bothering you again? Snorting like there’s a d-ck up your nose!”

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