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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 222.1

Chapter 222: New Ability (Part one)

Time passed second by second, and everyone within the spectating room was staring at the screen. They had been here all day because the encounter between masters during the later stages of the competition was what was most exciting to watch. 

Ye Qiu and Wang An were waiting until the night to fall completely before they made their move.

When the night had completely fallen and darkness shrouded the forest, when only streams of moonlight shone through the cracks among the leaves of the trees, the soldier with Ye Qiu and Wang An said, “I think he left.”

Wang An and Yan Qiu also thought that no one would keep on hiding and staying here after knowing that the enemies knew he was there, so they immediately nodded. “Let’s move, Liu Wei, you take the front, we will circle around.

Liu Wei nodded, and half of his body came out from hiding behind the tree. Just as his head popped out, they heard a “bam”!

Wang An and Ye Qiu, who already went around, immediately shouted, “Liu Wei!”

Liu Wei was also not too shabby. He immediately tried to dodge but the shot still hit him on the waist. His body fell to the ground from the impact of the bullet and he was under a lot of pain.

But he still managed to drag himself back to behind the tree as he panted. Wang An and Ye Qiu saw the spark from the bullets coming out of the muzzle in one of the trees and immediately began firing at that direction as they charged over. 

The rain of bullets smashed through the leaves and came towards Xu Cheng, and he picked up his sniper rifle and began running on the branches of the treetops.

Without seeing what was happening within the trees, unlike the commanders that were spectating, Wang An and Ye Qiu wouldn’t think of it being possible at all that Xu Cheng was actually light like a cat and running on branches.

Those at the monitoring center were completely dumbfounded by what they saw.

Xu Cheng directly jumped from branch to branch, and what was more shocking was that every landing was very balanced. Jumping up into the air, he would instinctively land on all four limbs every time before jumping again, and he was also able to execute these movements fast enough to evade the crazy bullet storm.

“Play back that video!” Commander Xie shouted at the technician.

The technician played the clip on another screen of Xu Cheng travelling on treetops and dodging bullets. It was really hard to imagine someone jumping from one tree to another by the branches. Not to mention carrying a heavy sniper rifle, it would be hard enough to balance even if there was no gear at all on you. But, Xu Cheng didn’t show any sign of slipping at all. He just firmly landed every time, and his movements were so elegant and quick that Commander Xie even thought at that moment that Xu Cheng wasn’t human… He was more like a cat.

Right, that kind of mobility extremely resembled that of a cat that made no noise when moving, elegant and quick!

Xu Cheng didn’t even know how he was able to jump across so many trees and dodge the bullets. He just knew that when the guns began firing, he realized that he underestimated how quickly Ye Qiu and Wang An would find his hiding spot. At that moment, he instinctively adopted a very natural posture with his body on all fours as he began running. At this point, he was still trying to digest what was happening. He felt like his body was very light and agile and as if he was capable of flying when he had his feet and hands on the branches.

Xu Cheng lifted his hand and shockingly found a fatty meat pad at the heart of his palm… Could this thing be the reason why he wasn’t feeling anything when he was landing?

He was amazed. 

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