Chapter 223: Shameless (Part one)

Upon hearing this, Ye Qiu’s eyes narrowed. “7? If that’s the case, then you got me interested, but you are still not at the point of making me nervous. Do you want to pick him to fight or me?”

Xu Cheng suddenly squatted down, startling bothYe Qiu and Wang An. They didn’t know what Xu Cheng was up to and instinctively took a step back.

Xu Cheng laughed. “Don’t be nervous, I’m just tying my shoelaces.”

As he said that, he indeed tied his shoelaces, yet he was also concentrating power on his feet. He was very excited – if his new ability was this powerful jumping and balancing ability, then accompanied with his stunning strength, would he be able to propel himself like a human cannonball?

At the thought of this, an anticipating smile surfaced on the corner of his mouth. The blood of his whole body was boiling. 

Ye Qiu and Wang An didn’t know why Xu Cheng was smiling while tying his shoelaces, but at the next instant, Ye Qiu just felt Xu Cheng, who had been some distance away from him, suddenly shooting over like a cannonball with his knee directly moved to the front as a trail of afterimages were following his body!

At that moment, Ye Qiu’s brain couldn’t react to the sudden attack at all, and he could only instinctively put his two arms in front of himself. He took a deep breath and lowered his center of balance, wanting to block this sudden knee attack from Xu Cheng.

However, with his jumping ability plus his 10x explosive strength in his legs, even Xu Cheng himself was shocked by the explosive power and speed of his attack. When he flew over, his face was even hurting a bit from the wind, and when his knee firmly made impact with Ye Qiu’s arms, Ye Qiu felt as if he was getting rammed by a train that was travelling at full speed. First, he felt a sharp pain in his arms and chest, and then with a strange taste rushing up his throat, he puked out blood. At the same time, he completely lost his balance and flew out before brutally landing on the ground.

Ye Qiu immediately tried to get back up but fell on his butt again. He coughed up blood again, and then he immediately looked at Xu Cheng with a serious expression.

Xu Cheng just stood there, looked at those two with an indifferent expression, and said faintly, ”Now, I’ll give you two options. You want to fight me solo or together?”

Wang An was furious. He pulled out his dagger right away and stabbed towards Xu Cheng, but Xu Cheng slapped away his arm right away, making it go numb. After the dagger fell off, Xu Cheng grabbed it mid-air and bent it. It immediately broke!

After taking two steps back, Wang An’s eyes narrowed as he roared before throwing a kick over. Xu Cheng moved his waist back an inch and directly dodged it. “Too slow.”

Wang An was so infuriated out of embarrassment that he used his signature whirlwind kick right away. Standing on one leg, he would extend his leg to kick at the enemy’s head, chest, stomach, and leg all within one second. Normally, it could instantly deprive his opponent of the ability to continue fighting. 

But, the set of kicks he was so confident in was easily disarmed by Xu Cheng with just one hand. Then, at the last kick, Xu Cheng brutally punched against Wang An’s leg and made him spin in a circle before almost falling onto the ground.

“Too slow!” Xu Cheng said. 

At this moment, Ye Qiu had already quietly gotten up and charged at Xu Cheng before jumping high into the air. He descended with his knees directly locking onto Xu Cheng’s head. Then, with his two hands in the air, he tried to strike Xu Cheng’s head above the ears, but his wrists were caught by Xu Cheng. Then, with a pull, just like throwing a bag, Xu Cheng moved to pull Ye Qiu off of his head and throw him onto the ground. But, Ye Qiu already saw through Xu Cheng’s intention and his legs just tightly locked onto Xu Cheng’s throat. Xu Cheng couldn’t shake him off, and it was evident how experienced Ye Qiu’s melee combat skills were.

At this moment, Ye Qiu realized how powerful Xu Cheng was. His fighting style was  simple and reliant on brute force, not needing any skills for him to destroy others. From the initial knee attack, he came to know how terrifying Xu Cheng’s explosive power was, so he realized that someone needed to lock Xu Cheng down before looking for other opportunities.

Still coughing up blood, Ye Qiu’s veins were all popping up on his head and neck as he shouted, “Hurry up!”

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