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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 224.1

Chapter 224: We Must Gang Up on Him (Part one)

After seeing how the 6th MR commander determined that the bullet should’ve hit, the other people were also very curious, but due to the current time being night, the videos were all in black and white and it was difficult to see whether the bullet actually hit Xu Cheng or not. After the dust that Wang An threw over settled back to the ground, on the screen, Xu Cheng was still standing there, but he had one arm extended towards Liu Wei. Liu Wei was dumbfounded.

He was sure that he hit Xu Cheng, and he was certain that the bullet wouldn’t miss, yet the referee was still not signaling that Xu Cheng was out. So, he was very confused – did Xu Cheng not get hit?

But just when he was confused, everyone saw the fist that Xu Cheng extended out suddenly opened, and a bullet fell down. This shocked Liu Wei, and even Wang An had his mouth wide open as if he had just seen a ghost.

“Wait a second, look at the screen. Did you guys notice something drop from Xu Cheng’s hand?” At this moment, some commanders with sharp eyes saw something slip out of Xu Cheng’s fist.

The technician immediately replayed and enlarged the details, and everyone was shocked to find that what fell out from Xu Cheng’s fist was actually that missing bullet!

“How’s that possible?” Everyone was shocked.

“He… He can actually catch bullets?”

Instructor Yan actually dumbfoundedly looked at Xu Cheng on the screen. Now, he finally realized why Xu Cheng really wanted to come back and compete in this competition. He came prepared, and he was here to bring honor to his name!

Xu Cheng looked down at Liu Wei on the floor like a king. Right now, the rifle was still aimed at Xu Cheng, but Liu Wei’s brain was completely blanked out at the moment.

Xu Cheng faintly looked at him and said, “Why not give it a try and fire another shot?”

No one would’ve believed what they saw just happen. Liu Wei was drawn back to his senses after what Xu Cheng said. He looked at the rifle, hesitating. He wanted to fire another shot, but he was scared that Xu Cheng could actually catch the next bullet as well!

Gritting his teeth, a hint of determination flashed past his eyes. He pulled the trigger and fired another shot at Xu Cheng.

The muzzle sparked in the pitch black night, and Xu Cheng could see the muzzle form a beautiful blooming flower of flames, pushing out a bullet that pierced the air and flew towards his chest. Xu Cheng felt that he was taking his time, but everyone else just saw his arm flashing in front of him and making a catching action.

The technician said, a bit dumbfounded, “It’s not a hit again, it seems like the bullet was caught again.”

Everyone’s jaw almost dropped to the floor and they all forgot to talk. The monitoring center was so quiet that the sound of a needle drop could be heard.

After awhile, the technician finally broke the ice and mumbled, “I’ve seen people capable of catching a blade with their bare hands, but never have I in my life seen someone catching a bullet with bare hands…”

Although it was an empty shell, but it was fired at such a range and incredible speed, even if someone were to guess a thousand times, they still wouldn’t be able to catch it, yet Xu Cheng caught it twice in a row at such a range and was able to neutralize all the force the bullet was carrying, finally letting it rest in his hand…

So, Xu Cheng’s feat today not only shocked everyone that saw this scene, it terrified them. Right now, Liu Wei’s legs were already soft like two flaccid weiners.

But, Wang An sobered up faster than him and he immediately rushed up to grab onto Xu Cheng’s legs, shouting at the dumbfounded Liu Wei, “Get out! We can’t all be eliminated! Hurry up and get out!”

Liu Wei came back to his senses as well, seeing Wang An temporarily restraining Xu Cheng. He knew Wang An was basically out now with the injuries he had, but if he were to be eliminated right now as well, then they wouldn’t be able to live with the ranking they would receive. So, he must leave right away, even though his legs were soft, he still had to try his best to run away.

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  1. Well that was a stupid move of him…to show something like that while knowing he is filmed could very well be his entrance ticket to become research subject and get dissected… X_X

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