Chapter 226: I Forgive you In My Mother’s Place (Part one)

Liu Wei and the others began running for their lives, and Tie Shi blocked Xu Cheng’s path to stop him from going after them. “Let me see how strong this dark horse is.”

As he said that, he dashed in front of Xu Cheng at a shocking speed and punched at Xu Cheng’s chest. Xu Cheng didn’t expect his speed to be this quick, but although it was quick, Tie Shi didn’t expect his fist to make no impact after hitting Xu Cheng. If anything, it felt like his fist landed on a wall. 

“Does it hurt?’ Xu Cheng asked the shocked Tie Shi. Then, he flexed his chest muscles, and Tie Shi took a step back, followed by a turnaround side kick at Xu Cheng’s body. 

However, it was just that the kick seemed to be lacking a bit in strength, and Xu Cheng wasn’t at all affected by it. 

“Your speed is good, but you are lacking a bit in damage,” Xu Cheng said nonchalantly. 

Tie Shi was furious, and that small and agile body of his moved like a monkey as he immediately got behind Xu Cheng. Then, putting both hands and elbows into use, he began attacking specific spots on Xu Cheng’s spine at a speed of three attacks per second, just like in those Kung Fu movies where the movements of his hands are too fast to be seen clearly by the naked eye.

At last, both of them stood back to back.

Xu Cheng still didn’t even move a finger, and Tie Shi actually thought it was just because Xu Cheng couldn’t react in time. So, with his back to Xu Cheng, he said arrogantly like a master that was confident enough to not turn around to look after taking a shot. “Are you curious as to what I just did to you?”

Then, he smiled and continued, “Just now, I tapped a few points down your spine and waist, and the moment those points are tapped, the person will lose the ability to move temporarily. Even if your body is as tough as a wall, everyone has weak points. Although my strength isn’t high up there, with just speed alone, it would be difficult for me to destroy the enemy backline. But, I’m afraid that you don’t understand why I truly deserve my ranking. Let me tell you, the most impressive part is my surgical-precision-like killing techniques. I grew up learning medical knowledge and I know everything there is to know about the vulnerable and lethal points of a human body. Even if you give me a strand of hair, I can kill. Now, aren’t you feeling a bit numb from your neck all the way down your spine to your legs?”

Hearing Tie Shi’s little speech, the 3rd MR’s commander that was watching this only wanted to find a hole in the ground to crawl into. He covered his face with his palms and looked away, putting up the “I don’t know this ret0rd” expression.

Then, on the screen, after Tie Shi confidently finished his speech, he just said another sentence, “I’m done, now you can collapse.”

It was evident how confident he was in his ability to shut down his opponents with attacks on their pressure points.

[email protected]!” Xu Cheng said, too lazy to deal with him and directly walked towards the opposite direction where Liu Wei and the other guys ran off to.

Tie Shi was dumbfounded for a second, and he immediately turned around. But then, his helmet got hit by a bullet and he was out. He wasn’t shocked by why he was out, and he just looked at Xu Cheng in disbelief and shouted, “How’s that possible? I clearly locked your pressure points, how come you weren’t affected at all.”

Xu Cheng kept on walking as he said, “You couldn’t even move me with your kicks, and you think your fingers will work on me? I’m not boasting but I’ve lived my whole life with people scolding and swearing at me, so my face is pretty thick by now. However, my skin is even thicker than my face. Go home and practice your fingering techniques on pigs. You can come back and try it on me when your fingers can poke through pig skins.”

“Stop right there!” Tie Shi furiously roared. 

Xu Cheng stopped in his tracks and said to him without bothering to turn around, “Dude, you are already out, stopping me like this is already against the rules.”

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