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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 227.1

Chapter 227: Here Are two Options (Part one)

After taking out Tie Shi, Xu Cheng threw away all the weapons on him. Taking a look at the time, he felt like he had finally redeemed his name. In the past few years’ competitions, he would be eliminated within the first three hours. Although he had the title of the Three Swordsmen, it was rather just a nickname to make the low-tier soldiers feel better. To put it bluntly, they were just soldiers that couldn’t enter the real elite circle and gained a name among the noobs. 

Half a year ago, he was forced to leave this circle due to the deterioration in his physical abilities. No one could understand how unwilling Xu Cheng was, having to leave before he was given a chance to prove himself. 

But this time, he was back, and he was here to bring honor to the title “Three Swordsmen”. He wanted to bring this title the glory it deserved, and make it a respectable name rather than a laughing stock.

So, it was almost his turn to display his true power. 

The gunshots in the forest drew elites from all directions over that were looking for opponents.

Liu Wei and the others were immediately surrounded by elites from other military regions.

Bagh, Daoba Li, Zhang Chao, Wei Jie, Cike Xin, Liao Jun, and the other top tier soldiers all came over and circled Liu Wei and the four soldiers from the 3rd MR.

At this moment, the 6 elites laughed, looking at each other.

Bagh said, “So what’s happening now? There are only 5 people, but there are six of us. How about you guys just leave them all to me?”

Daoba Li sneered, “At this stage, every point can possibly bring a team up a ranking. Not to mention the five of them, I can’t even give one of them to you. Don’t you see, this is a mix of the 3rd and 6th MR, the first and second place from last year. Who’s going to give up getting points from these star teams of last year?” 

Rubbing his knuckles, Zhang Chao looked at Liu Wei and said, “Where’s your captain? Wait, your 3rd MR is also missing Tie Shi. Speaking of this, since when did the two of your teams start hanging out together?”

Liu Wei didn’t speak, and the other four immediately jumped in, “You guys are just in time, I think we can join forces and deal with that guy.”

Cike Xin was playing with the dagger in his hand as he lifted his brows and said, “Which guy would need us to join hands to deal with?”

At this moment, Liu Wei began to talk in all seriousness, “A guy that took out Ye Qiu, Wang An, and Tie Shi. It’s a dark horse that can throw everyone out of the game. He’s very strong, and he’s from a low-tier military region. If I didn’t guess wrong, for teams like us that started from the east side of the area coming into the center but couldn’t find anyone, it’s because over half of them were probably eliminated by this guy. Didn’t you guys realize that the center region is pretty vacant? Most of the people were probably already eliminated by this guy.”

“He’s right.” At this moment, a voice came from the depth of the forest. Following the footsteps, his tall and burly body appeared under the moonlight, exerting a domineering aura.

“Tie Shi’s out?” Upon seeing Xu Cheng here, the four soldiers from the 3rd MR knew Tie Shi was probably eliminated after failing to stop him.

Daoba Li also exclaimed, “It’s you?!”

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  1. Many missing sentence’s.

    Sentence’s MTLD:

    “He’s right.” At this moment, a voice came from deep into the woods. With the sound of footsteps, Xu Cheng’s majestic and tall body was exposed to the moonlight, and his sharp corners made Liu look Zhao and others felt a deterrent.

    “Iron Stone is out?” Four soldiers in the Third Military Region saw Xu Cheng coming and expected that Iron Stone did not stop him.

    “Who is that guy over there? Do you dare to come out a little? I can’t see you.” Scar Scar Li shouted at Xu Cheng.

    Because it is night, most of the dense jungle is relatively dark. The place where Liu Zhao and others stood was just above the sky with an empty moonlight shining in to see their faces. Then six masters stood in all directions, only Xu Cheng stood in a slightly dark place, but looking at his figure and voice, Liu Zhao and others knew that it was the killing god.

    After hearing the words of Scar Li, Xu Cheng took a step forward, and his whole resolute face was completely exposed to the moonlight. Scar Li exclaimed, “Is that you?”

    (Note: Daoba Li is the guy that mocked Xu Cheng after coming out of the bus, the scar face.)

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