Chapter 228: Not Fulfilling Your Wish (Part one)

The six masters exchanged a look. Daoba Li and Xu Cheng originally had a grudge, and obviously he couldn’t just endure it when he was humiliated like that. Immediately, probing, he hurled his fist at Xu Cheng. 

But suddenly, his fist was caught Xu Cheng, and then he was thrown to the side like throwing a bag of trash. Daoba Li slide against the ground and rolled five or six times before stopping, covered in dust. He looked up at Xu Cheng, a bit terrified. He didn’t expect Xu Cheng’s strength to be this shocking, powerful enough to throw him away like this.

Xu Cheng turned around to look at him, and he walked slowly towards him while he was still down. “When I’m strong enough, I will let you know what the consequence is.”

Daoba Li immediately shouted at the other five masters, “What are you all waiting for? Hurry up! Eliminate him first!” 

The other guys still insisted on holding up their dignity as top-tier elites and didn’t want to gang up on Xu Cheng. After all, even if they were to win, it wouldn’t be honorable. Just when they were hesitating, Xu Cheng hurled a fist towards Daoba Li.
Daoba Li tried to block with his thick arms, but the dense force from the punch directly trembled every inch of his muscles. Not only were his arms numb, he rolled back a few more times before he could finally dissolve that domineering force. That wasn’t it either; Xu Cheng turned and tornado-kicked Daoba Li while he was still on the ground, and that guy had no choice but to block by crossing his arms again. 

With a bang, the fierce kick made Daoba Li feel like his arms had been dislocated. The shockwave also sent tremors to his chest, causing him to sputter out blood through his nose. He was then sent a dozen meters away with his butt scraping the ground. It was unknown whether his butt was on fire after skidding so far, but his high-quality army pants were indeed done for from the friction. The spicy feeling made Daoba Li’s whole face twisted and his whole body numb. 

The others were all dumbfounded upon seeing this. They knew very well how Daoba Li matched up to them, yet he couldn’t even take one of Xu Cheng’s kicks or punches. Just how powerful was this guy? This kind of dominating power could allow him to take anyone head on, despite whatever fancy techniques he was up against.

Xu Cheng continued to walk towards Daoba Li, while the latter was no longer feeling even a hint of disdain towards him like before. He hurriedly shouted at the other five guys, “Do you all want to lose here?”

Cike Xin suddenly made a move. He threw his dagger over, and it reflected a dazzling silver light under the moonlike. The “vennn” vibrating sound of metal was enough to display the amount of power carried by the dagger. 

Xu Cheng suddenly turned around and grabbed onto the dagger. Then, in front of everyone, he snapped the dagger into halves and tossed it back at Cike Xin and Bagh. Both of them dodged, and Bagh frowned as he looked at Xu Cheng and said, “You are playing with fire, do you know that? With the six of us joining forces, you stand no chance.”

“This is the first time six elites from different military regions gang up on one person, right?” In the monitoring center, Commander Xie found it quite interesting and laughed, his tone carrying hints of irony. 

The six commanders of the respective teams didn’t think it was embarrassing, and they even found excuses for themselves. “You saw it as well, your Xu Cheng’s power is like a monster, and he’s on a completely different level. If they were to solo, they would only be defeated one by one.”

The 17th MR Commander: “Old Xie, now, all that’s left are the star-level soldiers, and even if Xu Cheng lost, he already pushed you guys into the top 7. This result is enough for you guys to be proud of.”

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