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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 229.1

Chapter 229: Bro, What’s Your Name? (Part one)

Xu Cheng could definitely go and find those top-tier soldiers and take them out one by one, yet just like what Instructor Yan and Commander Xie thought, he knew the achievement and process wouldn’t be exceptional enough. Even if he were to get first place that way, he may still not be considered exceptional enough to be considered for admission by the Dragon Division. Last year, someone also got MVP and first place, yet rumors said that he was only recruited onto the backup list of the Dragon Division, just like Li Wei and Luo Yi. Xu Cheng needed to display absolute dominance over the rest to be directly picked to become one of the 54 aces. So, soloing those elites was too boring, and he needed to take all six of them on at once and win with absolute power to get first place.

So, even though these guys were initially too prideful to join hands to gang up on him, Xu Cheng forced them to see the clear difference of power between them and thus team up. 

Bagh was the most calm one and was also the most arrogant one. When Xu Cheng tossed a piece of the blade to Bagh, he warned Xu Cheng. But Xu Cheng just laughed in response and said, “I heard that in the whole country’s military, you are one of the most powerful fighters in terms of strength. Can you show me?”

As he said that, he placed his hands on the ground and immediately shot off towards him, hurling his fist forward.

Bagh didn’t care at first, but when that shadow-like body arrived before him with that fist charging at him, he could clearly feel a powerful force shearing the air. Bagh’s face immediately grew serious, and initially wanting to try to catch that fist, he decided to dodge at last.

When Xu Cheng’s fist scraped past the side of his face, he could clearly feel the strong wind cutting some hair off of his head, and his face was also feeling a bit of a burn from the strong wind. 

He dodged it, and Xu Cheng’s punch slammed directly onto a tree. With a loud bam, that tree directly broke, with the upper half falling down to the ground.

Bagh swallowed some spittle. Holy crap, this is too terrifying! If he didn’t dodge that punch from earlier, he wasn’t sure if his head would still be on his neck. 

The other people also felt that Xu Cheng was like a monster, and whoever that still underestimated him would really be the biggest dumb-ss alive. 

Bagh retreated as he shouted at the others, “Looks like no one can really solo him.”

The other four took a step forward, joining Bagh as they stood shoulder by shoulder and looked at Xu Cheng. Daoba Li climbed back up and stood in the row with the others. Now, the six of them finally decided to gang up on Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng smiled. “Very well, then show me the reason you guys are so proud.”

“Then I’m afraid that you will be spending the next few months in the hospital,” Cike Xin said as he rolled forward and swept the ground with a fast kick, attacking Xu Cheng’s lower body.

Xu Cheng calmly lifted his leg and took a step back, Cike Xin shot up from the ground and tried to strike from both sides at Xu Cheng’s head. Xu Cheng lifted his hands and pushed away the two hands attacking from both sides and kicked him in the belly. Xin was sent into the air before landing with his face eating dirt.

Then, from both sides, Liao Jun and Wei Jie came up trying to lock down Xu Cheng. They each grabbed onto one arm and pulled to the side, while Bagh jumped past Cike Xin and punched towards Xu Cheng’s chest, which wasn’t defended.

Xu Cheng’s eyes narrowed briefly as he swung both arms forward, smashing Liao Jun and Wei Jie together like two rackets and clapping Bagh like a patty with two pieces of bread. 

The three of them were all dizzy, and Xu Cheng then threw both Liao Jun and Wei Jie to the side as he turned his body and back-kicked Bagh in the chest. The three of them were all in the air as they flew off into different directions.

Zhang Chao threw a fist at Xu Cheng from behind, and Xu Cheng lowered his body forward as he threw another back-kick, taking down Zhang Chao. Immediately, Daoba Li’s leg swept over and Xu Cheng couldn’t dodge in time, so he directly responded to it with a kick as well.

“Ah!” Daoba Li felt like his leg was almost broken. He fell to the ground on his side as he slid a dozen meters.

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  1. Deemon900

    Xu cheng is fast enough to catch bullets, move faster than people can react but he can’t dodge a kick?

  2. Missing sentence’s.


    “Ah!” Scar Li felt that his leg was almost not broken, as if being hit by a steel pipe, covering his leg with both hands and suddenly making a scream.

    Xu Cheng banged on his waist as soon as he fell to the ground. Scar Li was lying on his side lying on the ground, scratching his clothes and flying to a distance of ten meters.

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