Chapter 230: Top Tier Special Forces Club (Part one)

“Head of the Three Swordsmen, Xu Cheng.”

In the past, this name might have been a laughing stock among the other military regions, but probably everyone would learn and respect this name from this day forward. 

The elite soldiers including Liao Jun, Wei Jie, Ye Qiu, Wang An, Bagh, Cike Ah-Xin, Tie Shi, and Zhang Chao were carried away on stretchers. Xu Cheng was also on one, and while he was getting carried into an ambulance, those guys whistled at him.

Seeing them all covered in bandages with IV-drips set up on the side, he felt a bit awkward, because he was the one that caused all of their injuries.

Ye Qiu had an IV set up for him, and he also had ice packs all over his legs. He already heard about Xu Cheng soloing six people. Glancing at Bagh and the others, he bitterly laughed, “In comparison to those six, I didn’t lose too much face.”

Tie Shi rolled his eyes at him. “What are you talking about? The doctor said your butt hole got ripped as well.”

The others all burst into laughter. From now on, the cold solo elite of the military had to bear the nickname of “Wrecked Cheeks”. 

Tie Shi laughed too hard and he ripped his wound open again. He gritted his teeth in pain and shouted, “Ah, yo, Doc, you didn’t seal this up good enough. Come back.”

Wang An laughed and looked at Tie Shi. “The doc said you suffered the most injuries. You indeed deserve it, haha. I heard you also broke the rules too?”

Tie Shi glared at Wang An. “I did all that so my four bros plus Liu Wei could run and find Bagh and the others to convince them to join forces. I couldn’t stop him at all, okay? So I just broke the rules and asked him to fight me again. But who knew, even after I surrendered, that [email protected] added another punch.” 

Xu Cheng glanced at him from the corner of his eyes, and Tie Shi immediately felt his b-tthole tightening and he corrected what he just said, “I’m the [email protected]

Tie Shi was a bit terrified seeing Xu Cheng looking at him like this and he immediately turned to Bagh and scolded, “I’m not trying to scold you all, but how come all six of you couldn’t beat him even after teaming up? You guys are a big embarrassment, bringing shame to our club.” 

Bagh bitterly laughed, “We really had no chance. Tie Shi, you have the quickest speed, but didn’t you say you couldn’t even stop him? So, that means you are no longer the fastest. In terms of pure power, I finally met someone that has more strength than me. I have no objections after losing to him.”

Liu Wei: “Then I have no objections at all, because my most proud identity as the godly shooter has no effect on him at all.”

Ye Qiu glanced at the others. “What about you guys?”

Liao Jun, Wei Jie, Zhang Chao, Wang An, and the others all shook their heads.

Then, Ye Qiu smiled and said, “Then if no one has any objections, it’s a full pass?”

Bagh frowned. “I’m afraid that Daoba Li might object.”

Ye Qiu snorted, “His vote doesn’t count. Besides, the rule of the club is always spoken through power. So, it’s a full pass.”

Everyone nodded.

Xu Cheng listened to them chitchatting and he asked curiously, “What’s a full pass?”

Ye Qiu grinned. “Welcome to the Top Special Forces Club.”

Bagh laughed, “That’s right. In the business field, there are second-gen rich heirs doing stuff like racing in supercar clubs, and the second-gen heirs from military families here in the military obviously have our own home as well. That’s the Top Special Forces Club. The difference between ours and that Supercar Club is that you get accepted based on your own capabilities rather than background. Also, in this club, everything’s straightforward, and if there’s anything, we just solve it with fists rather than scheme behind people’s backs.”

Xu Cheng frowned. “But you said it’s a home for second-gen heirs of military families, yet I’m just an orphan without a background. Isn’t it unsuitable for me to join you guys?”

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