Chapter 230: Top Tier Special Forces Club (Part two)

Ye Qiu immediately replied, “Bro, don’t underestimate yourself. Unlike those clubs in business or politics that rely on stepping on other people to climb up the ranks, we emphasize solidarity. So here, your background doesn’t matter as long as you are a soldier and you are capable, you can join us. Here, we are more united than anyone else, and if anyone of us gets bullied, us bros will even drive tanks or fighter jets over to save you! Besides, it’s not just anyone that can be invited, or we wouldn’t have the word ‘top’ in our club name. Right now, only these guys in front of you right now are qualified to be members, but you are more than qualified to join us. You said you don’t have any background, but with your capabilities and achievements today, you think you won’t accomplish big things in the future? Although you aren’t a second gen from a powerful family, you have the potential to become the first gen to start a powerful family.”

Since Xu Cheng wanted to become more powerful and more qualified to be Lin Chuxue’s man, he knew very well that he needed to network and increase his status. It also seemed that it wasn’t against his principles to join this club. After pausing for a moment, he looked at those people and asked, “Then who’s the boss of this club right now?”

Bagh looked at Ye Qiu and said to Xu Cheng, “Ye Qiu’s the current club president, but not because of his family background but because in the younger generation, he’s the strongest.”

Ye Qiu directly said to Xu Cheng, “But if you come, you can be the boss.”

Xu Cheng: “Why?”

Ye Qiu: “I said before, because of your capabilities.”

Xu Cheng laid back on his stretcher with his arms behind his head and shook his head. “It’s fine, I can join, but I don’t want to be the president. Let me say this beforehand, I won’t do anything that touches my bottomline.”

Ye Qiu and the others all laughed. “You really think we are those second-gen rich heirs that just rely on family background? We are soldiers, and we are the sword and shield of our nation. If even we don’t have rules, the country would be in chaos already. Don’t just look at how some of us may be undereducated and bullsh-t a lot, we all have patriotic hearts and straightforward manners. There will be rules, and it’s the professional ethics of us soldiers to follow them.”

Xu Cheng: “Sounds great. Then alright, I’m in, but I don’t have any money to pay for whatever membership fee.”

Ye Qiu: “What are you talking about? If we actually try to raise money, then it would be illegal fund-raising under no-business license like those supercar clubs and second-gen rich heirs. Most of us come from military families, and if our dad or grandpa knew about this, they would obviously break our legs. But that’s enough introductions today, in the future once you hang out more with us, you will know that we are for sure great citizens of this country.” 

Bagh laughed at Xu Cheng. “Your worries are unnecessary. I’m the same as you. I came from a minority race and don’t have any notable background, and I learned after joining this club that normally everyone just spends so much effort on training and sparring that there’s really no time to do much else. If Ye Qiu and the others were to always go to nightclubs and such, then his family probably wouldn’t allow him to stay in the military anymore.”

After hearing this, Xu Cheng suddenly thought of a person. “Which one of you knows Hu Bing?”

Ye Qiu lifted his brows. “I do. That guy’s a bit arrogant, but he’s kind of like one of us. It’s just that he’s limited by his talents, and he doesn’t get much say in his family. If he could join our club through this competition, then maybe his family would respect his decision to let him stay in the military. But from what it looks like right now, he probably has to go into politics now.”

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