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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 231.1

Chapter 1890: Other People’s Commander (Part one)

Xu Cheng curiously asked, “Why can’t he convince his family?”

Ye Qiu: “His family isn’t simple, and they may be just as influential in politics as my family is within the military. He can’t go against his family because he couldn’t prove that he is better suited for the military. Besides, he is also the eldest son in his generation, and the other cousins and brothers of his are all pretty scummy. Since he is the only one that is presentable, his family wants to raise him to be their successor. But, he really likes the military and doesn’t want to go into politics. I heard about it already, and how you were forced by your own team to fight by yourself. You think that if his family was simple, your commander would just let that little brat be the team captain and have everyone play around him? Even though that happened, you are still too good; even going solo, you managed to get first place. This was a dream I always had but two years ago, I tried it when I was in my prime. But then, I was getting chased by all those [email protected] left and right like a mouse. In the end, I met up with my team after learning the gap between my dream and reality.”

As the two chatted, they were all sent to the military hospital and started to get treated.

Xu Cheng was a bit dehydrated due to consuming too much of his energy. Although his power was terrifying, it exhausted his body pretty quickly. His body was still not used to him suddenly summoning this much strength and pulled a few muscles and tissues, so he also needed to rest in bed for a bit.

But, his injury was the lightest and simplest. The other so-called master-level soldiers were all looking at different levels of disability and needed to be hospitalized for long-term observation and treatment.

At the moment the competition ended, Commander Xie mimicked Xu Cheng and shouted at those commanders, “Who else?!”

Those commanders from the top-tier military regions were all dumbfounded and speechless. 

Commander Xie couldn’t help but tease them, “Oh, let me remind you, because Bagh and the others all ripped off their badges at the same time, it’s going to be hard to sort out second place to seventh place. You guys can take your time and fight over them.”

Then, he handsomely turned around with Instructor Yan and left the room, even feeling like he was floating as he walked, leaving those old commanders immediately surrounding the referee and trying to fight for a higher place. In the end, they even began fighting. 

In the military hospital, Xu Cheng was lying on his bed with an IV set up. The whole hall was filled with contestants of this competition. They were either sitting with an IV needle in their arm or laying down, and they chatted. Indeed, soldiers all had really straightforward characters, they would treat the competition seriously on the battlefield but go back to being friends after the competition and discuss what happened. It could be observed that they were really enjoying it.

At this moment, two men walked up to Xu Cheng’s bed. One guy extended his hand, wanting to shake Xu Cheng’s hand. “Hello, I’m Huang An. I’m the guy that was sniped by you first in the leg and then in the head while four men were covering me.”

After getting eliminated, Huang An went and asked his instructor, and after learning that it was only one person that destroyed their whole team, he experienced a complete mental collapse and then became a big fan. So, he really wanted to get to meet Xu Cheng, and after he was out, he was also waiting for news of Xu Cheng. Then, after learning that he actually won first place, Huang An felt like the solo ace this year was really on a whole new level, even better than those textbook examples.

Xu Cheng shook his hand and jokingly replied, “You are not here to seek revenge, right?”

Huang An laughed. “I’ve thought about it too, but after hearing that you won a 1v6 against the top-tier masters, I decided to go home and continue dreaming instead.”

Bedside him, Ah-Pao looked at Xu Cheng passionately with a pen in hand. “Umm… Can I get a signature from you?“

Xu Cheng felt a bit awkward. But seeing how serious and sincere Ah-Pao was, he grabbed over the pen and signed on Ah-Pao’s uniform. Then, Ah-Pao also asked to get a photo with Xu Cheng.

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  1. One missing sentence.


    Having said that, he left the observation room with his eloquence, and walked lightly. The old commanders stayed around and rushed to the referee for second to seventh place, and finally hit the ball.

    Commander Zhou spit and responded to the sentence they had said before: “It’s really a group of veterans humiliating Sven.”

    In the hospital, Xu Cheng leaned on the bed with needle water.

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