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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 231.2

Chapter 1890: Other People’s Commander (Part two)

At this time, someone else came over and walked towards Xu Cheng. He also extended his arm for a handshake with Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng nodded, shaking his hand, and that guy asked him, “The smoke was so thick, how did you manage to headshot me?”

Xu Cheng smiled and replied, “Because I bet on the fact that you were eager. I know your team didn’t get a single point, and after you saw Captain Huang An and his team run off, you were very eager to chase after them. So when the smoke completely covered that area, I made a bet that you would run out from behind that tree right away to chase after them. And I got it right.”

“Without good marksman skills, it’s useless even if you made the right bet. I have to admit how skilled you are,” after that guy admiringly said a few words, he left.

After Xu Cheng sent off that one, he saw two beds getting rolled into the hall he was in. Behind the two doctors that walked in with those beds followed that one female soldier, Wang Ying.

When Wang Ying walked past Xu Cheng, she snorted and rolled her eyes. Those resentful eyes made it look like Xu Cheng took advantage of her and then dumped her or something, making Xu Cheng feel quite awkward.

Those two beds were parked beside Xu Cheng. Seeing two mummies, Xu Cheng asked Wang Ying, “Who are these two?”

Wang Ying didn’t want to talk to him and she just folded her arms and ignored him.

It was actually those two “mummies” that were especially “excited”. They shouted, “You are the one that facking did this to us, and you are asking who we are?”

Hearing the voices of those two “mummies”, Xu Cheng finally recognized that it was Wu Hao and Yan Wei.

“You… How did you guys hurt your head too? I don’t remember hitting your head though…” Xu Cheng asked curiously.

Yan Wei glared at him. “You still have the balls to mention it?! Which fcking [email protected] put the mines around us? Now our ears are even suffering intermittent tinnitus and that’s why we have bandages around our head as well.”

Xu Cheng rolled his eyes. “But you guys could’ve plugged your ears…”

Those two immediately stopped talking. A burning rage ignited in their heart again upon remembering the pig-like teammates they had.

Wu Hao said with regret, “If we knew you were this strong, we would’ve just teamed up. We could’ve made our way into the top three, but that ship has already sailed…”

“See? Isn’t that right? I already told you guys earlier, I can just carry you, yet you guys insisted on fighting me. What are you guys ranked now?”

Speaking of this, Wang Ying snorted. Everyone knew it was mainly her that was against cooperating with Xu Cheng at that time. Now, this woman had some strong opinion of Xu Cheng, and of course it was because of how Xu Cheng used her to block bullets… She would’ve let it go if it was just once, but Xu Cheng did it twice! She got shot so many times that her butt was still hurting right now.

Yet, even until now, she still hadn’t heard a single apology from Xu Cheng. Seeing that there was still no sign of Xu Cheng being even a little apologetic about what he did, she became even more furious.

“Don’t mention it. Last year, we were 5th place, but this year, I think we are 15th. I heard our commander is furious right now. 

At this moment, Commander Xie and Instructor Yan walked in. Commander Xie was smiling nonstop as he walked in and sat down by Xu Cheng’s bed. He took Xu Cheng’s hand excitingly and said, “Good job, Xu Cheng. Recover well, and in three days, wear our regional uniform and go to the award ceremony to accept the reward and make our region shine on stage. You didn’t disappoint me. In the past when you left, it was indeed a right decision to not cancel your serving status. I always had hope for you, and this time when Instructor Yan told me to add you onto the team, I immediately approved as well because I know you will always be a man capable of creating miracles. When we get back, immediately, promotion!” 

Wu Hao mumbled on the side, “Look at other people’s commanders…”

Damn, this reminds me of the days of my mom comparing me to other people’s kids like “why can’t you be more like them” 🙁

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