Chapter 232: Difference Between the Two Clubs (Part one)

After Xu Cheng thanked Commander Xie, he looked at Instructor Yan and saw that guy had actually began crying.

“Why the f-ck are you crying?” Xu Cheng laughed and said.

Instructor Yan: “Of course I would, I’m too excited! Our 5th MR had been established for so many years and hadn’t done well a single time in the competitions. By the name, we are called the 5th MR, but it was more like we were 5th from last. But this year, I couldn’t be more proud, and I can now confidently stick the finger up at those top-tier military regions that had been bullying us for so long.”

As he said that, he even tightly hugged Xu Cheng and said sincerely, “You were right, and thank goodness you joined this year. Thank you!”

“Alright, Big Bro, if you keep acting like this, I will really be scared that you will come to my room in the middle of the night and give me your bum. Stop disgusting me,” Xu Cheng joked.

Instructor Yan lightly punched him on the chest. “Can’t you let me be sentimental just once? I rarely cry, okay? Each drip is as precious as gold, you know?”

Xu Cheng lightly punched back. “Alright, let’s grab a drink later.”

Instructor Yan: “Yeah, that’s for sure! We will drink to our heart’s content! For now, just focus on recovering, the commander and I still have some things to tend to. Give me a call when you are out of the hospital, I will pick you up.”

Xu Cheng nodded. Then, Commander Xie and Instructor Yan left.

After sending those two off, Wu Hao said, “Tsk tsk, promotion already? Look at how considerate the other people’s commander is.”

Yan Wei glared at him. “If you can also solo your way to first place, I think our commander would even get people to build a bronze statue of you in our military region.”

Wu Hao looked at Xu Cheng. “Did you hear that? That bronze statue is enough for your name to get passed on for centuries, just hurry up and come to our military region. Us three aren’t bad too, we just need someone to carry us.”

Xu Cheng: “Nah, I will stick with the 5th Military Region. I will be their soldier while I’m alive, and I will be their ghost when I’m dead.”

Yan Wei: “Wow, you are already brainwashed by your commander.”

At this moment, a dozen or so people came in. Their faces were all covered in bruises, and judging by their looks, they also cried not long ago.

Xu Cheng asked Yan Wei curiously, “What’s up with them?”

Yan Wei oddly looked back at Xu Cheng. “You don’t know?”

Xu Cheng shook his head. “I don’t remember beating those people. Most people were all taken out by my sniper rifle, and I only fought those high-ranking soldiers.”

Yan Wei: “I heard they were all physically punished, some people even saying that their commander personally beat them up. You don’t know that it was all because of you?”

“Me?” Xu Cheng was confused. “Then I really didn’t know.”

Wu Hao laughed and said, “Take a closer look at him, you can’t recognize them? The most humiliated ones this year are them. They didn’t even get to warm up or even wake up, and they were already eliminated. They broke the record on how quickly an entire team can get eliminated, and you think their commander would tolerate that? Looking at how those people didn’t even sweat and were already sent out, their Instructor punished them with pushups first and then beat them up. I heard their commander even coughed up blood.”

Xu Cheng immediately remembered. Weren’t those people the ones that were taken out by him when they were still asleep? Now that was awkward.

After the captain of this group walked in and glanced everywhere, he said in a slightly unfriendly tone, “Who’s Xu Cheng?”

Xu Cheng replied, “That’s me.”

Those fifteen people all looked over and then surrounded him. They didn’t look that friendly, and the atmosphere was pretty tense.

Just when they were getting closer, Liao Jun and Bagh walked over and blocked in front of Xu Cheng. Bagh asked impatiently, “What do you think you are doing?”

When the captain saw it was Bagh, his heart jumped. He swallowed his saliva and said, “Nothing, we just wanted to meet him.” 

Liao Jun directly said, “He’s a member of our Top Tier club, I think you should think twice before seeking trouble with him.”

That captain was shocked. He immediately nodded. “Then there’s nothing, we just wanted to come and take a look.”

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