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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 233.1

Chapter 233: Hu Bing’s Gratitude (Part one)

The next day, Xu Cheng was discharged from the hospital. When he walked out, he was quite surprised to see the people waiting outside for him. Including Hu Bing, all 14 team members that participated in this competition came to pick up Xu Cheng, and they began applauding in unison. 

Xu Cheng felt a bit awkward, and he smiled and shook his head. “What are you guys doing?”

“Senior, first of all, congratulations on a speedy recovery.”

“Secondly, we need to thank you for winning the championship for our military region.”
“Lastly, we need to apologize for our selfishness back at the competition.”

Then, all 14 of them saluted Xu Cheng together.

Xu Cheng didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. “That’s enough, we are all bros. Now you are treating me like an outsider.”
“Senior, you really don’t blame us? We know that as a team, disunity is a big taboo, and the head instructor already scolded us. So, as long as you are willing to forgive us, you can do whatever you please. Whether you want to scold us or beat us up, we will all take it,” a soldier said with his chest up high.

The rest of them all nodded in agreement, including Hu Bing.

“Really?” Xu Cheng looked at these people.

All of them didn’t even blink and just kept nodding.

Xu Cheng grinned and replied, “I haven’t had a cig ever since the start of the competition, anyone got one? If you do, I will forgive you all.”

Hu Bing grinned and immediately took out a pack from his pocket it and passed it to Xu Cheng. Like someone who hadn’t eaten for days, he immediately took the pack, picked one, and put it in his mouth. Then, he put his arm around Hu Bing and said, “I heard from Big Brother Xie that you cried?”

Hu Bing was completely caught off guard. “Nonsense, that was me just-”

Xu Cheng immediately laughed. “Don’t worry, I cried in the past too. We are humans after all, not robots. So what if we cried, we have emotions too, but if those tears roll out but you don’t know to reflect on your mistakes, then that would be a coward. Let’s go, get into the car.”

Then, Xu Cheng dragged those people into the bus that they had prepared and headed back to the hotel.

On the way, Xu Cheng smoked as he looked at the scenery outside. He looked back at Hu Bing, seeing how he had his head lowered and seemed to have something on his mind, Xu Cheng passed him a cig as well.

Hu Bing was quite surprised and he accepted it and lit it up.

Taking a puff, Xu Cheng asked, “Are you thinking about how to talk to your family when you get back?”

Hu Bing shook his head. “I’m thinking about how to escape that home.”

Xu Cheng paused for a moment, and then he snorted. “Stupid.”

Hu Bing: “I’m serious, Brother Cheng. I saw your moves that day, and with everything else that happened at the competition, I reached a big enlightenment and felt that there’s still much for me to learn, so it’s definitely impossible for me to go into politics. I realized that I’m just born to be a soldier, and I rather run away, leave this country, and serve missions abroad.”

Xu Cheng: “I heard about the situation at your family and how you are probably the most promising yet only suitable successor. You are clearly not going to be able to run away if your family wanted to find you.”

Hu Bing sighed. “But I really don’t want to go into politics. Not only do people have to become very sleek and fake, there is a lot of scheming going on. That kind of lifestyle will destroy me sooner or later. Money and power really doesn’t mean much to me I just need enough for me to spend, that’s all, but I want freedom more.”

Xu Cheng sighed. He pointed at the other comrades and said to Hu Bing, “Look at them, and look at me, do you know how much we envy your background? Do you know why we are working so hard? Of course we are trying to do what’s best for our future. If we don’t work hard and then retire, then what do you think we can do when we go back to the society with that kind of education level? Your family has their reasons for not wanting you to stay in the military.” 

Hu Bing looked down at the ground, helpless.

Xu Cheng thought of something. He patted him on the shoulder and slowly said, “Actually… you might not need to go back.”

Hu Bing immediately snapped his neck towards Xu Cheng. “Is there a way?”

Xu Cheng smiled. “Did you forget that we won first place?”

Hu Bing bitterly smiled. “But everyone knows that first place belongs solely to you.”

Xu Cheng: “But the glory belongs to our whole team. At most, I can get the MVP for solo, but the 1st place belongs to the 5th MR. According to the rewards tier list, the championship team’s members will all have good career prospects after they retire, so you already got a pretty good career lined up for you after you retire. At least, this honor will be more shiny on your resume than if your family sent you into politics to start from the bottom. If your family isn’t dumb, they wouldn’t let you waste this opportunity and go home. Isn’t that your chance? Everyone knows how hard it is to take 1st place, and the career prospects for championship team members is definitely also top tier.”

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  1. Missing interesting details of a sentence.


    Xu Cheng: “But the honor belongs to the entire group. I can get up to a single soldier MVP. The championship belongs to the 5th Military Region. According to the reward, all members of the championship team have the opportunity to assign important positions after retirement. Do n’t forget this. The starting point for employment is very high, at least faster than your home gilding the lower part of your house to make you more senior. As long as your family is not stupid, this employment opportunity will not be wasted. Knowing how difficult this championship is, the 540 best soldiers in the 250,000 special warriors are selected and killed every year, and its job platform is very high. “

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