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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 234.2

Chapter 234: Award Ceremony (Part two)

Below the stage sounded thunderous applause, and the soldiers that were named all came out to the aisle where they assembled and walked up to the stage in a well-ordered fashion.

The rookies would receive three promotions, so even a new recruit with no rank would be directly promoted to a junior ranking officer. The veterans were also all promoted to junior ranking officers despite how many promotions they had received in the previous years. In this batch, Wu Hao, Yan Wei, and Wang Ying all got promoted. Wang Ying was the only female soldier at the venue, and many soldiers were all looking at her. However, Wang Ying only glanced at Xu Cheng who was sitting at the front. Seeing that he wasn’t looking at her, she disappointingly lowered her head.

The higher-ups on stage would directly give them the reward instead of their own military region commanders. Other than the new set of uniforms, military badges, and certificates, each soldier was also given a garland, followed by a burst of applause. 

Host: “Then now, let us welcome the soldiers ranking 11th to 50th place up onto the stage.”

After another wave of applause, the named soldiers all came up stage to accept their reward. The rewards were similar to those that were received by the 51st to 100th place, but they had an extra medal to commemorate their place in this competition. 

After this segment, the host directly said, “Now, let us welcome the 10th place soldier that displayed exceptional solo combat skills. Please turn your attention to the big screen.”

On the big screen behind the stage, it showed a short clip of a guy with daggers fighting an enemy. His speed was incredibly fast, and many people immediately recognized him.

Tie Shi!

This year’s competition’s solo combat strength ranking – 10th!

Then, the screen began playing a collection of his performances from this year’s competition, and the audience gave a loud round of applause and cheered.

“Let us welcome Tie Shi on stage. He was able to take out 28 enemies in the competition, and his solo score reached the 10th place!” 

Tie Shi marched up  wearing a stern expression. He got a Guardian letter of appointment, a set of the lieutenant colonel uniform and a certificate, and a medal of his place for this competition. 

Under the stage, everyone was really envious of that Guardian letter of appointment, as it was the employment letter every special force soldier wanted to have. Every year, there would only be 5 to 10 of these, and a letter of appointment would be the ultimate recognition of one’s performance. Even if the person retired from being the guardian-class soldier for important figures of the nation, he wouldn’t lack job opportunities from super wealthy people to hire as a bodyguard. 

Tie Shi immediately saluted and accepted the rewards, and he didn’t forget to smile and shake hands with the general commander.

The hand shake took a bit long because Tie Shi wanted to cherish this honor as well, and the guardian soldier beside the general commander, who used to be Tie Shi’s senior of the same military region, glanced at Tie Shi and reminded, “Junior Brother, that should be enough.

Tie Shi couldn’t feel more awkward, and the general commander laughed out loud and patted him on the shoulder, dismissing him.

Ye Qiu and the others all began laughing under the stage too as they cussed. “This [email protected] wants to take advantage of this opportunity to suck up to the higher ups, hahaha.”

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