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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 235.1

Chapter 235: Top of the Rank – Xu Cheng! (Part one)

When Tie Shi walked down, his MR commander almost killed him with his gaze, and his other comrades all burst into laughter.

The ceremony continued, and everyone’s attention was back on the big screen.

Along with the host’s introduction, a scene began playing again with the camera centered around a soldier.

“This year, 9th spot on the list, the disguised assassin – Li Xin! Welcome!”

The audience applauded, and after fixing his attire, Li Xin took a deep breath, then strode onto the stage, stood at attention, and saluted. 

Then, he was handed the award by the general commander.

The host subsequently called upon the 8th place – Liu Wei.

7th place – Daoba Li.

6th place – Wei Jie.

5th place – Liao Jun.

However, when he got to the third place, the host looked at the audience, then looked at the referees, and then looked at the list in her hand, a bit surprised. However, she immediately returned to normal and continued announcing, “This year is really a very special year! Let us reveal the third place. Everyone will probably be very surprised, because the third place is actually occupied by not one, not two, but three people. Let us welcome Bagh, Wang An, Ye Qiu. They had all taken the third place with scores of 35, 38,and 39.”

Below the stage, the crowd was quiet for a moment, and the thunderous applause immediately followed.

When the three walked up onto the stage, the host asked curiously, “What are you guys’ thoughts on sharing the third place?”

The three of them shared a look, and then they bitterly smiled. Ye Qiu grabbed the mic and said, “If it was in previous years, I would for sure have objections. I would say, shouldn’t I be the first place, Wang An second, and Bagh third? But this year, I think all of us sharing the third place is probably the best outcome. In fact, I felt that it’s best if the second place is vacant. No matter which one of us three takes the second place, he would feel immense pressure. It’s because when compared to the first place, the second place was just way too weak in comparison that he would feel guilty being only one place lower. So, I completely agree with the decision of the referee.”

Then, Ye Qiu passed the mic to Wang An. Wang An smiled and said, “If it was previous years, I would gladly accept this third place. But this year, I honestly felt like I shouldn’t even be ranked in the top 10.“

Bagh grabbed the mic and said, “I agree with Wang An. This year, the dark horse screwed all of us over.”

The crowd began laughing, and then they loudly applauded to pay respect.

Then, everyone looked towards the center of the stage, and the host smiled and said, “Before the present the next award, I first want everyone to see a collection of solo highlights of this competition. Please look to the big screen.”

Then, everyone under the stage, including Ye Qiu and the others, all focused their attention to the screen. They also really wanted to see footage of Xu Cheng in action from a third person perspective.

The footage began with the morning. Xu Cheng woke up, and when the crowd saw the time stamp, they were all shocked. 

“Holy crap, he woke up before 7? I remember that we woke up at least after 7:30 or something,” Ye Qiu’s eyes narrowed as he said.

The soldiers all knew what this meant.

Then when the 28th MR eliminated the 14 members of the 5th MR,  Xu Cheng suddenly came out. The clip was a collection of the footage collected by cameras from different angles, and they saw him taking on all 15 of the 28th MR’s soldiers with just a sniper rifle. The shocking thing was, he sniped on the move, and he dodged all the bullets.

All the soldiers began discussing seriously, dumbfounded by those movements, and more shocked by his flash-sniping, where he was hitting one headshot per shot. Especially the scene where five soldiers hid in the bush but were still consecutively headshotted by Xu Cheng’s blind-sniping, the crowd directly went wild.

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