Chapter 236: My Mr. Colonel (Part one)

The captain from earlier that got eliminated during his sleep still wanted to fight 1 on 1 with Xu Cheng one day, yet when he saw the highlight reel of Xu Cheng on the big screen, he was completely dumbfounded.

Then why the f*ck would I fight him? Not even the top 10 elites could beat him even when they teamed up, yet I’m not even in the top 30 and want to solo him? What kind of joke would that be? Taking a look at Ye Qiu, Daoba Li, and the others, those 10 elites were still in casts and covered in bandages and ointments, and that was all thanks to Xu Cheng.

At the thought of that, that guy was in mental-breakdown mode. He really wanted to slap himself in the face for trying to act tough and challenging Xu Cheng in public.

– On Stage – 

Xu Cheng saluted, and the general commander smiled kindly at him but couldn’t help and say, “To be honest, you remind me of someone.”

Xu Cheng was a bit surprised, could the general commander recognize that he was Xu Ren’s son?

It must be known that Xu Cheng’s true identity had always been kept a secret, but then he felt that he was overthinking it. How would someone of the status of general commander know his father.

Indeed, the commander laughed and said, “He’s an old friend of mine, let me introduce him to you when we get a chance.”

Xu Cheng let out a sigh of relief. By the sound of it, this old friend of his should at least be alive, and since it’s an old friend, he’s most likely the same age as the commander, which should also be an old man, right?

Xu Cheng said, “That’s fine, Commander.” 

Xu Cheng really wanted to say that this old friend of his would probably have a communication gap with someone of his age.

But who knew, this commander seemed to have seen through him as he smiled and replied, “Don’t worry, this guy sometimes also acts like a teenager. He likes youngsters.”

The commander laughed and took the prize from the host and gave it to Xu Cheng. However, when Xu Cheng looked down at the prize, he was a bit surprised.

There wasn’t actually a Guardian’s letter of appointment! 

But, as for the military rank certificate and uniform, they were sporting the colonel rank design and accessories. Uh… Isn’t this too big of a promotion for him? 

Xu Cheng looked up at the higher ups, and the commander smiled. “You think the nation wouldn’t cherish young talents? Indeed, the rules of the competition is that the soldiers would at most be promoted to lieutenant, and Ye Qiu and the others only got promoted to that level after years of competitions. So, you must be surprised why you were able to be promoted to the colonel rank after just winning first place once. This is not just a recognition of your achievements, but also the military’s recognition of your capabilities, so there was no mistake made.”

Xu Cheng was quite excited to hear it. He immediately saluted again and said excitedly, “I will not let down the military officials, and I will not let down the hopes of the people of this nation!”

“Alright!” The general commander patted his shoulder and smiled.

The host asked him, “Xu Cheng, do you have something you want to say to the crowd?”

Xu Cheng took over the mic. After a bit of hesitation, he said with a hint of self-mockery, “I was also weak before, and when you are weak, no one can help you. Only if you don’t give up will you continue to become stronger, and as long as you are strong enough, when you want to fly, no one will be able to break your wings.”

There was a burst of applause from the audience.

Xu Cheng laughed and gestured that he finished his little speech. Then, he looked at the higher ups and then the referees again, really wanting to ask, “Where’s my letter of appointment though, how come I don’t get one?” But in the end, he swallowed the words.

After standing there awkwardly for a brief moment, and seeing that those people really didn’t have the intention of giving him one, he finally walked down the stage, a little disappointed.

Could the Guardian quota be already full?

After the awards event ended, it was time for everyone to take pictures outside of the stadium. Maybe people directly put on the new uniforms and began finding people to take pictures with.

After Xu Cheng walked out, he saw many rookies making friends with each other and then taking pictures together with the stadium in the background. He was about to get onto the bus when Ye Qiu stopped him.

“Xu Cheng, come and take a photo. Many of us don’t even know if we are participating in the competition again next year or not, so every year we always take pictures to keep as souvenirs.”

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