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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 236.2

Chapter 236: My Mr. Colonel (Part two)

When Xu Cheng heard Ye Qiu, he thought he was right, so he walked back towards Bagh and the others who were already standing there fixing their uniforms. When Ye Qiu dragged Xu Cheng over, Bagh, who was standing in the middle, made some room for him. So, Xu Cheng stood in the middle, and beside him was Bagh and Ye Qiu. Then, it was Liao Jun, Wei Jie, Cike Xin, Zhang Chao, and Wang An, who stood in order of their ranking this year. 

When the others saw this, they immediately moved out of the way to make room because upon seeing this lineup, they knew it was the group photo for the members of the Top Tier Special Forces Club, and ordinary members like them were not qualified to be in that photo.


With everyone grinning confidently, a photo was taken, and in the future, it would be of the rarest collection photo that would always be kept in the memorial hall. The photo would be captioned as the following: The Former Special Forces “Golden Generation” Group Photo. Of course, that was what will happen in the future. 

After the photo was taken, Ye Qiu and the others then dragged Xu Cheng into selfie mode.

Then, Xu Cheng’s number was also dragged into the group chat of Top Tier Special Forces, and in there were all the elites he knew. There were also seniors from previous years, and everyone was very active.

Xu Cheng also had a few pictures with Bagh, Ye Qiu, and the others, and he also got the group photo transferred to him. When he got onto the bus, he couldn’t help but send the group picture of him in his new uniform to Lin Chuxue.

He grinned and asked, “Is your man handsome?”

But surprisingly, the other end quickly replied: “Not really.”

Just when Xu Cheng was about to reply, the other end sent over another message, “But very manly.”

Xu Cheng was feeling pretty sweet inside, what a wife that knows how to talk.

He immediately typed and replied to Lin Chuxue: “You are as honest as always. In fact, I’m not the main point in that photo, take a closer look. Did you see it? That three silver stars on the yellow background of the epaulettes.”

But Lin Chuxue replied, “But I only saw the scar on your face. Are you injured? My Mr. Colonel.”

Xu Cheng felt a warm stream in his heart. He smiled. “I’m not a nobel or knight of the Great Britain Empire, I can’t give you a distinguished identity. But we are citizens of Huaxia. Here, I can give you the glory and status that Britain can’t. I’m coming back. I will pick you up, and let’s go back to Britain in a bit.”

– Shangcheng – 

Inside the powder room, a teardrop unknowingly rolled down Lin Chuxue’s face. The makeup artist said anxiously, “Aiyo, my little princess, you just got your makeup down. You might smudge it if you cry.”

Lin Chuxue wiped her tears and smiled gracefully. “I suddenly remembered something really happy, so I couldn’t help it…”

Then, she took a look at that awkward selfie Xu Cheng took and chuckled.

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  1. Pranav Rs

    Hey. I’m getting redirected to this chapter instead of 237.2

  2. Sentence and details missing.

    Details MTLD:

    As a result, Xu Cheng came back very quickly and surprised Xu Cheng: “Not handsome. (Tongue out)”

    (The emoji was missing)

    Sentence MTLD:

    Lin Chuxue wiped her tears and said with a smile, “I suddenly remembered a happy thing, so I couldn’t help it …”

    Then she lifted her phone and looked at Xu Cheng’s ugly selfie. She laughed and said, “This scar is the most manly.”

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