Chapter 237: Too Much Forcing (Part one)

The next day, Xu Cheng got Instructor Yan to approve a vacation for him and then packed his bags and went to the airport to fly to Shangcheng.

When boarding the plane, he actually ran into Hu Bing.

Both of them were quite surprised. Hu Bing asked Xu Cheng, “Brother Cheng, you are also from Shangcheng?”

Xu Cheng nodded. “Holy crap, don’t tell me you are as well?”

“What a coincidence!” Hu Bing laughed. “Then let’s go together, haha.”

After passing the security check with him, Xu Cheng asked, “Why are you still going back?”

“After getting permission from the family, I obviously should go back and visit my parents. After all, I probably won’t go back in a while. This time, whether it’s meeting up with family or friends, it’s kind of like a farewell.” Then, Hu Bing asked Xu Cheng, “Brother Cheng, how about you? I heard from Instructor Yan that your vacation is actually pretty long. What are you up to?”

Xu Cheng grinned. “I’m planning to take my woman and pay a visit to her home.”

Hu Bing made an “oh” expression. “So it’s a done deal now? When’s the wedding going to be?”

Xu Cheng and Lin Chuxue didn’t hold an official one yet. Back then, they just got the marriage license but didn’t do anything special. And now, he felt that he should do one to make up for it. He smiled and said, “Down the road. I will send you an invitation.”

Hu Bing nodded. “Then I will wait for your call. Count me in as one of your best men.” The two chatted and went to Shangcheng together.

Hu Bing still wanted to drag Xu Cheng to his house to have some tea, and his family obviously really wanted to welcome this champion to visit them as well. However, Xu Cheng pushed it to a later day and politely declined. A few of Hu Bing’s bros from the political circle came to pick him up and they saw him being really close with this tall guy. After Xu Cheng got into a car and left, they came over and asked, “Who’s that?”

Hu Bing looked at Xu Cheng’s car as it drove off and said, “My bro, a senior from my military region.”

Those bros in the super cars replied, “Tsk tsk, it’s so rare to see Young Master Hu being like a little bro to someone else. Did that guy bully you or something?”

Hu Bing said, “This guy is the real deal, you guys don’t understand, I really admire him. He’s older and is several levels stronger than me so it’s normal that I treat him like a big bro. It’s no big deal.”

“Oh my god, our Young Master Hu has changed.”

Hu Bing rolled his eyes at them. “Come on, I’m not joking. This senior of him is also from Shangcheng, and if you guys really see me as a bro, take care of him for me in the future. I’m going to go home first, let’s meet up later at night.”

It was Wu Gang that came to pick Xu Cheng up. Wu Gang took over Xu Cheng’s luggage and put it into the car. When they both got into the car, he smiled and said, “Boss, are you still used to your life there?” 

“Pretty much. Also, you don’t have to call me Boss anymore, I already resigned.” Xu Cheng lit up a cig. 

Wu Gang paused for a moment and then bitterly smiled. “I also got used to it, and I can’t really change right away. Oh right, after the case regarding West Gate and the underground money house was done, East Gate started behaving as well.” 

Xu Cheng immediately interrupted him, “Alright, don’t chat to me about work. Right now I’m outside of that circle so just let me have some peace man.”

Wu Gang slapped his forehead and replied, “Oh crap, my bad. I’m already used to reporting to you.”

In fact, he was still feeling a bit bitter. After starting the car, he couldn’t help but ask Xu Cheng, “You really aren’t thinking about coming back?”

After taking a smoke, Xu Cheng shook his head, smiled, and said, “No, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to control my temper and end up killing those scumbags of society.”

Wu Gang also smiled. Then, he drove Xu Cheng to his condo and carried up the luggage. Then, Xu Cheng gave Lin Chuxue a call, but she didn’t pick up so she was probably working.

From his phone, Xu Cheng came across his wife’s ex-assistant, Lan’s number. 

When she picked up the call, her attitude wasn’t as bad as before, and it was probably because she went through some hardship after she was dropped by Lin Chuxue and started working for some noname new celebrities. Even if she didn’t do it for Lin Chuxue, just Xu Cheng’s reputation in Shangcheng now was enough for Lan to admire him. After picking up Xu Cheng’s call, to suck up to him, she immediately told him the address of where Lin Chuxue was shooting at.

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