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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 237.2

Chapter 237: Too Much Forcing (Part two)

Lin Chuxue was working on a modern romance movie for the new year time slot, and the lineup was pretty strong. There were many A-list actors or else it wouldn’t qualify to be played at theatres during the new year. After filming a scene, Lin Chuxue went back to the makeup room and on the way, she and her agent Sister Lei walked past the deputy director’s room, and they heard the male lead, Yan Xian, throwing a tantrum.

“You are saying that for the next kiss scene, Lin Chuxue wants to use a double?” Yan Xian was very angry. “Does she look down on me or something?“

The deputy director could only smile and say, “Don’t be so angry, from what Lin Chuxue’s agent said, she never had any kissing scenes in the past movies she starred in, so for this movie, it’s a bit too sudden for her to have a romantic kissing scene added to the movie on such a short notice. She doesn’t have any experience, so she wanted to get a body double. In fact, when we first gave her the script, there was indeed no kissing scene. Since it was added so suddenly, we can’t really force her if she doesn’t want to, right?”

Yan Xian shouted, “Right now it’s not about forcing her or not. As an actor, she should respect the profession more and just follow the script, what’s so hard about that? She’s using a double, then should I be kissing the double? What if the double is someone disgusting? She’s even won a best actress award, yet she can’t shoot a kissing scene?”  

Lin Chuxue originally didn’t want to get involved, because talking behind people’s backs was too common in the entertainment circle. But what Yan Xian said was indeed a bit out of line. She directly pushed open the door and said in a cold face, “You kiss until night falls for every movie, how come I don’t see you getting a best actor award? Should all the best actor award recipients be only those that do intimate scenes? Should the judge look at how well you kiss in order to decide whether you deserve the award or not? Mr. Yan, you think I don’t know it was you that wanted the director to add that scene in last minute? If you really insist, then either I use a double, or I will quit this film.”

The deputy director also panicked. “Oh, no, no, we can all talk this out. Let’s not get so worked up.”

Lin Chuxue looked at Yan Xian pridefully since she did win multiple best actress awards. “Then please tell this Mr. Yan to not be too disrespectful with his words.”

Yan Xian never thought that he would be caught red-handed when talking behind people’s back. He immediately became angry out of embarrassment and said, “Then let me ask you, are you using a body double because you are disgusted by me?”

Lin Chuxue: “Nope, you can also use a body double if you want for this kiss scene, why make a big scene out of it? You are famous in this circle for being a playboy, and you think I don’t know? The directors and producers I work with all know that I will never accept scripts that have kiss scenes unless they would allow me to use a double.”

Lin Chuxue didn’t dislike Yan Xian, but she was disgusted by this kind of practice of changing the script to take advantage of actresses. For the past few years, she had always used a double for intimate scenes, and it was also a means of protecting herself.

Actually, she didn’t have to accept this movie role. It was just that the company wanted to utilize the hype from the “True Men” reality show and find some investors to make a new year’s film, and they invited Yan Xian to be a public CP with Lin Chuxue to create more hype. If it wasn’t for the company, Lin Chuxue wouldn’t want to work with Yan Xian and would just let her junior sister at the company, Liu Ziqi, take over the role. But, Yan Xian’s side said that Liu Ziqi’s popularity wouldn’t be able to push this movie to success and it could only be Lin Chuxue, and Liu Ziqi ended up being a side character along with many of the original cast of the “True Men” reality show. 

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