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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 238.1

Chapter 238: It was On Purpose (Part one)

The agent, Sister Lei, came out and tried to mediate things. “Alright, alright, let’s just all take a step back and everybody use a body double, how’s that?”

Yan Xian looked at Lin Chuxue and warned, “Lin Chuxue, just you wait. You dislike me, right? Then I will make you unable to stay in this circle! Don’t think that I don’t dare to do things to you just because you are pretty. Let me tell you, the one thing that the entertainment circle doesn’t lack is pretty women, so don’t actually think that you are a big deal. You aren’t going to give me face today? Alright, we will wait and see how things end for you.”

The deputy director was getting pretty nervous too. It wasn’t good to offend either side. Since the beginning, they didn’t have much voice since the actors were the ones that brought in the investment to keep this project going, and these two main actors were both big deals. Seeing the two of them get into a conflict, he was really scared that this film would end here, and then all the effort up to this point would’ve been in vain.

“Come on, why not let us sit down and have a good chat? We already filmed so much, let’s just talk things out.”

Lin Chuxue: “I’m not the one trying to make trouble, it’s this Mr. Yan that’s forcing me to do something I don’t want to do. So what if I want to use a body double? I didn’t even use one for the wiring scenes and did it myself, yet I want to use one now because I’m uncomfortable with kissing scenes. Does this Mr. Yan need to make a big deal out of it? What do you mean I look down on you or dislike you? If I really looked down on you, then I wouldn’t have accepted this role in the first place. But you, you should stop doing little tricks behind people’s back. Are you proud of yourself to be scheming behind a woman’s back?”

Yan Xian was furious. “Are you done? Hey, woman, you are really pushing it, you know that? We are all part of this circle, you don’t have to spell everything out to make people look bad, and you also don’t need to act like a saint, okay? Let me tell you, since you dislike me then I have my eyes set on you now, just you wait. You don’t like the way the entertainment circle runs? Then I will force you to learn that you have to obey these rules if you want to survive in this circle!”

Then, Yan Xian walked out and slammed the door behind him. Originally, Lin Chuxue thought the guy would at least pretend to be nice, but who knew he would just throw away his face and show his shameless true self after becoming furious due to the humiliation of getting exposed. In fact, he wasn’t scared that he, a veteran in the entertainment industry, couldn’t take on a newcomer that just debuted less than four years ago. 

The deputy director anxiously tried to persuade Lin Chuxue, “Miss Lin, will you be able to compromise a little and apologize to him? A kissing scene isn’t a big deal, it’s just touching mouths. It’s not like you will lose anything, right?”

Lin Chuxue glared at this deputy director and then snorted and left the office as well.

Outside, Yan Xian directly called the producer. “Hello, Old Ou, I’m Yan Xian, let me talk to you about something… Anyway, I’m not able to keep on working with that woman, how about you change the female lead? I’ve had enough of her, and later I will use my connections and try to suppress her a little. I want to see how her little entertainment company can protect her. Humph.”

Old Ou: “Don’t worry, I will take care of it when I get back. This woman is too spoiled, and I will talk to her.”

Not long after hanging up, the producer came back to the filming location, and coincidentally, his car arrived with Wu Gang’s at the same time.

Old Ou directly went to Lin Chuxue’s makeup room. He was very straightforward. “What’s happening? You are just going to stop playing your role all of a sudden?”

Lin Chuxue undid her makeup as she said without even looking at him, “Yep.”

Old Ou: “You! What did you say? You are quitting? So you mean you are going to breach the contract?”

Lin Chuxue: “Yeah, you can think of it that way. Just go and talk to my agent and company and get the compensation.”

Old Ou: “Lin Chuxue, say what you just said again! Do you believe that I can get the entire entertainment circle to shun you just for that attitude? Even if I can’t block you in the record industry, I can still make sure you have no feature movie roles!”

Lin Chuxue wasn’t scared at all. “If I’m going to be taken advantage of in future movie roles, then I rather not. President Ou, don’t act like you are all about justice. If it wasn’t for you supporting Yan Xian, who would give him the power to get the director to change up the script? I’ve seen that script from back to back, the female lead has a cold character, and it suited me so I didn’t even need to act. And since I’m basically playing my own character, then you can go and tell that Yan Xian, I rather kiss a pig than him.”

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  1. Old Ou: “You! What did you say? You are quitting? So you mean you are going to breach the contract?”

    Lin Chuxue: “Yeah, you can think of it that way. Just go and talk to my agent and company and get the compensation.”


    Not how breach of contract works.

    • noodletowntranslated

      wait isn’t it though? if one party decides to quit early, it’s breaching the contract right?

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