Chapter 239: I Will Take Care of This (Part one)

Yan Xian was beaten onto the floor by the punch, and his face felt like it was burning. Feeling around the inside of his mouth with his tongue, he realized that even some of his teeth were broken. After spitting out a mouthful of blood, he stood up in fury and wanted to push Xu Cheng.

[email protected]! Let me tell you, if you keep on hiding in the military, then I might not have a way to teach you a lesson, but for this woman, I’m going to destroy her for sure!”

Xu Cheng had Lin Chuxue stand behind him. He directly kicked Yan Xian back down onto the ground and coldly said, “I’m not going back to the military for a while, so you are welcome to come and find me anytime. You want to get the entertainment circle to block Chuxue? Then let’s see who’s going to get who blocked!”

Then, Xu Cheng led Lin Chuxue out of the door.

Being dragged behind, Lin Chuxue looked at Xu Cheng’s back and didn’t say a word. She wasn’t at all worried that Xu Cheng just hit someone and might’ve caused some trouble. In fact, although Xu Cheng had changed in certain aspects, it could also be said that he never changed. In the past, Xu Cheng felt inferior but wanted to be strong. Every time, he would protect Lin Chuxue and create a big mess yet shoulder the responsibility, as if he wasn’t afraid of anything. But, as time went on, Xu Cheng’s temper changed him, and he became more afraid. It might have been because there were more troubles on his mind as he grew up, or perhaps he realized the gap in status, power, or wealth between him and those other aristocrats or rich heirs. In fact, it was that kind of Xu Cheng that Lin Chuxue didn’t like, and Xu Cheng never had the courage to admit his feelings towards her and had always been trying to escape in this marriage. So now, seeing that Xu Cheng was able to protect her like her man, not to mention who he hit first, Lin Chuxue found that she really liked this Xu Cheng. A quiet smile hung on her mouth as she followed Xu Cheng out of the door.

After getting into the car, Lin Chuxue sat with Xu Cheng in the back. Wu Gang sat in the driver’s seat, and Sister Lei later came in and sat in the passenger seat and the car drove off.

Lin Chuxue turned to look at the bruises and wounds left on Xu Cheng’s face from the competition. She reached out, touching them gently and asking, “You got beat up?”
Xu Cheng gently pulled her hand away and grinned. “No worries, I beat them up even harder. They are all hospitalized, so I won the trade.”

Lin Chuxue chuckled, feeling that this scene was rather familiar. In the past, she would also ask Xu Cheng this question, and he would always act like it wasn’t a big deal so she wouldn’t worry. That feeling was back again.

“You don’t have to worry about this anymore, I will let my company take over from here,” Lin Chuxue said.

“It should be you that doesn’t have to worry about it,” Xu Cheng was a bit pissed as he said, “This company that Dad invested in doesn’t have any foundation or background, and in the past few years, the company only created one big star and that’s you. That means many companies in the dark are also trying to snipe your Imperial Entertainment company. If you let your company go head to head against that President Ou and that veteran celebrity Yan Xian, the company would be at a disadvantage. So, I will take care of this from now on, because it’s already out of your control. Just listen to me, go back and do whatever you should be doing, and I will take care of this for you.”

Lin Chuxue was surprised to hear Xu Cheng analyze the situation this thoroughly. She was also a bit touched, and she nodded and smiled.


Yan Xian’s agent run over to find Yan Xian’s mouth full of blood as he lay on the ground groaning in pain. He immediately went to the city’s police HQ to tell on Xu Cheng. Originally, he wanted to blow this case up and attack first, but who knew the one that accepted the case would be Wu Gang.

After Wu Gang saw the testimony and appeal submitted by Yan Xian’s agent and lawyer, he said indifferently, “Very sorry, with just with the appeal documents you guys submitted, we can’t go and arrest the guy. As for the other case with Lin Chuxue, both sides should still go through the proper procedure since both sides are public figures. We will also look into it and contact you when we have a decision.” 

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