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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 240.1

Chapter 240: Go Buy Yourself a Coffin with the Six Hundred Thousand (Part one)

When Old Yuan hung up, he walked out from the office and came to the front hall of the bar. Over there, five buff guys were playing cards, and they were all tattooed up. Each of them still had the North Gate tattoo printed on their chest, and although North Gate had been removed, they felt that they still wanted to keep the tattoo to commemorate the glorious days they had, and it would also be enough to shock some people.

These people were also not just any ordinary North Gate members, they were actually signature fighters for hire. After North Gate closed down, Old Yuan took them in and opened up a few bars and a security guard company. Normally, other than operating the bars and the company, they would also pick up a few quick side hustles.

Seeing Old Yuan come out, those few giggled and asked, “Boss, wanna play a few rounds?”

Old Yuan sat down and looked at them. “There’s an order, you guys wanna take it? A bro of mine came to me because he got hit, and he’s pretty angry.”

Those people were still playing cards as a guy subconsciously asked, “Dead or alive? It’s not like in the past, and we don’t really want to accept kill orders any more. We are pretty old now, and if it wasn’t for taking care of our kids, we wouldn’t really choose to work these side hustles anyways. We really just want to live a peaceful life, Old Yuan, you get what we mean, right?”

Old Yuan laughed and replied, “Of course I get what you mean. They don’t want a dead man, just need to beat him up to the point where he needs to spend a couple months in the hospital, that’s all.”

Then, he raised three fingers and said, “This number.”

“30 thousand?” Someone said, “You probably gave a friend discount right? But yeah, that’s reasonable too.”

Old Yuan laughed. “300 thousand.”

“300 thousand yuan?” Those people all stopped what they were doing and looked towards Old Yuan, “Who does he want us to beat up for 300 thousand yuan? That guy’s definitely not simple, right?”

Old Yuan: “Indeed, but not untouchable. The guy’s a lieutenant from the military. Not the 8th MR in Shangcheng but rather from a pretty remote area and they won’t be able to extend their hand to our city. However, that guy does know how to fight, and that’s why that old friend of mine asked me for help. If he could find other people to teach that guy a lesson, he wouldn’t have offered that price. Of course, he gave a really good price thinking that you guys might hesitate because it’s someone from the military.”

Those guys put their cards down and looked at each other. Old Yuan saw that they were tempted. 

“Old Yuan, then let’s also be more direct. You also know why North Gate collapsed in the first place, and now many brothers already moved to legit jobs and we all don’t want to cause any more trouble. If we were caught beating up a guy from the military, we will basically be screwed for the rest of our lives. So yeah, it’s too risky, but we will get the job done. However, there are five of us here, 500 thousand! 500 thousand and we will take the job.”

Old Yuan: “Alright, then I will go and make a call.”

Then, he took out his phone and directly called Ou Li.

When Ou Li heard the price rose to 500 thousand, he felt like he was getting ripped off. He obviously knew it wasn’t worth that much money just to beat someone up, but he was also still really angry. Yan Xian heard it on the side and directly said, “I will chip in that extra 200 thousand, do it!”

Ou Li gritted his teeth. “500 thousand it is then, but don’t sell us out if something happens.”

Old Yuan: “Not a problem.”

After hanging up, Old Yuan laughed. “Done.”

Those five tattooed men laughed and asked, “Alright then, what’s that guy’s name? Is there any information on him, like his address or where he usually hangs out at.”

Old Yuan went to his phone’s mailbox and found the new email from Ou Li about Xu Cheng.

“His name is Xu Cheng, 26 years old-”

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  1. Nicole Somera

    The dialogue cuts off right after Xu Cheng’s name was said! BIG.NO. from North Gate.
    Old Yuan, don’t you know who shut down NG in the first place??!

    Thanks for the chap, NT!

  2. Reishi

    The next chapter linked to chapter 241.2

    Thx for the chapter~

    • noodletowntranslated

      oh sht thanks for letting us know! It should be fixed now~

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