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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 240.2

Chapter 240: Go Buy Yourself a Coffin with the Six Hundred Thousand (Part two)

“What did you say?” Before Old Yuan could finish, just the name was enough to startle those 5 guys, causing their eyes to become wide open. “What’s his name? Xu Cheng? Which Cheng? Cheng as in honest or Cheng as in city?” (TL Note: direct translation of Cheng in Chinese)

Old Yuan paused for a second and asked in confusion. “Is there a difference?”

“Of course!” Someone immediately grabbed Old Yuan’s phone, and upon seeing Xu Cheng’s name, his face completely changed. The other guys all stood up to see, and they anxiously asked, “Are there photos of him?”

Old Yuan scrolled down further, and the email indeed came with a picture of Xu Cheng from back when they were filming “True Men”.

Upon seeing that face, those ex-North Gate fighters felt their butth0les tightening as they remembered that terrifying night of being dominated by him.

They took in a deep breath and then began cursing, “Get that f-ck out of my face! Who’s going to fight him!”

Old Yuan: “What’s wrong? Is there a problem?”

Someone immediately bitterly smiled. “A problem? Oh there’s a big f-cking problem! Old Yuan, delete this email right away, and we will pretend that you never told us about this. We are not picking up this order, and you should tell that friend of yours to behave as well. Tell him not to ask other people to do this job, because there’s probably no one in Shangcheng who is willing to take it.”

Old Yuan began to realize the severity of this situation and he probed, “This guy’s not simple?”

At this moment, a guy sat down, dispirited. It was as if his soul had just left his body as he said, “A few months ago, North Gate disbanded, and then West Gate’s casinos were closed down and the entirety of West Gate got arrested. Most of their people are still in prison right now. The four kings of West Gate got sentenced to life, and almost 100 billion yuan of cash was seized from the underground money house. The underground money house’s owner, Hetian, already got his death-sentence served, and the entire Wei Nation Business Alliance in Shangcheng was exposed of tax evasion, fraud, money-laundering, and so on. The stocks of all those companies plummeted, and during that period, the underground forces called it the Black Season. And all of that, all of what I just mentioned, was caused by one guy, and that guy’s name was Xu Cheng.”

Old Yuan was dumbfounded, and he didn’t know what to say at all. He just sat in that chair and said, “Thank God… Thank God we didn’t do anything yet…”

Another guy sneered and looked at Old Yuan. “I think you should ask if that friend of yours had offended Xu Cheng to the point of no return. If that’s the case, then you should keep a distance from him too. This is just our sincere reminder, you don’t have to take it.”

Old Yuan immediately made a call and directly asked, “President Ou, the guy you want us to beat up, is there a big conflict between you guys?”

President Ou asked back, ”If it’s not big, would he hit me? I’m going to torture him to death, and his woman too. I’m going to stink up her reputation and force her out of the entertainment industry!”

Old Yuan: “President Ou, those few brothers of mine are quite busy with other orders, can we postpone yours?”

Ou Li: “What do you mean? They think 500 thousand isn’t enough now? Bro, are you trying to pump up that price on purpose? 600 thousand, is 600 thousand okay now? I want your guys to jump him in the next few days, and I can send you half of the money now, and the remaining amount after it’s done.”

Old Yuan: “It’s not that, President Ou, you know Xu Cheng’s not easy to deal with…”

Ou Li: “What’s not easy to deal with? It’s fine if you don’t want to take this order, but quit trying to scam me. Let me tell you, Old Yuan, it’s not just your people that do this kind of job.”

One of the guys directly grabbed the phone over and shouted, “If you want to play with fire, then go ahead! Use that 600 thousand yuan to buy yourself a coffin! The lives of us brothers are more valuable than yours, you got that? F-cking dumb f-ck!” 

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  1. Kishenkp

    That last guy got a bit emotional lol

  2. God

    Just got an account, so thats why I’m commenting late.
    Great chapter and thanks!

  3. Potentially censored sentence.

    Uncensored MTLD:

    Lao Yuan immediately dialed the phone and asked straightforwardly, “General Manager Ou, is this person you are going to call a great contradiction between you?”

    Mr. Ou asked, “Isn’t he going to punch me? I’m going to rip him off with him and kill his woman, and his woman, I’m going to f--k her!”

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