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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 241.1

Chapter 241: I Believe in Him (Part one)

Old Yuan was completely dumbfounded. He grabbed his phone, wanting to call back and apologize to Ou Li, but who knew those men would directly say to him, “Old Yuan, let me tell you, we are doing this for your sake. If you can cut ties with that guy, then you should do it as soon as possible. Really, it won’t end well for that guy if he has offended Xu Cheng. On the surface, everyone calls Xu Cheng the tiger police officer, but the forces underground all call him Satan. Don’t be so anxious to call back to apologize. With that kind of friend that doesn’t have eyes and offends scary characters, you are better off without him or you won’t even know how he screws you over.”

Then, those guys began playing cards again, not feeling sad at all about losing that 600-thousand-yuan order. They knew very well that that was the kind of money that they wouldn’t have the opportunity to spend before dying.

Old Yuan just stood there and bitterly smiled. 

In the hospital, Ou Li was furious. Not only did someone hang up on him, he was even swore at.

“Is that f-cker Yuan out of his mind? Looks like it’s temporarily impossible to teach Xu Cheng a lesson. Then let’s change targets, let’s stink up that woman’s reputation first.”

He looked at Yan Xian and continued, “You tell those friends of yours too, tell them to stop all projects cooperating with Imperial Entertainment. I will also contact my friends at the theatres and the State Administration of Media and Entertainment to see if we can block Lin Chuxue out of the circle entirely. I’m going to make that woman regret saying those words to my face. Does she think she can just do whatever she wants just because she has a friend in the military? I can gather all those heirs that she once offended to teach her a lesson together. I used to wonder which big character could be behind her since she seemed to look down on everyone. It turned out to be a lieutenant. She really has bluffed for a few years.”

Yan Xian narrowed his eyes. “Once she knows what she did wrong, I will make her beg to get onto my bed!”

At night, Hu Bing was drinking with a bunch of friends. It was quite loud at the bar, and when he saw Xu Cheng calling him, he immediately went to the washroom to pick up the phone.

“Hello, Big Brother Cheng?”

“Hu, are you familiar with Shangcheng’s network?” Xu Cheng asked in the call.

Hu Bing nodded. “Let me know what you need help with. Your business is my business.”

Xu Cheng: “My woman got into a little conflict with a few producers. I beat them up, and it’s fine if they just come at me, but I heard those guys are pretty capable in the entertainment circle, and my woman’s also in this circle.”

Hu Bing immediately said, “Big Brother Cheng, this is a piece of cake. I thought you were asking me to help out with something more difficult. Don’t worry, I will take good care of it. What’s the name of the producer?” 

Xu Cheng nodded. “One guy’s called Ou Li, and the other one is a veteran celebrity called Yan Xian.”

Hu Bing: “Alright, Big Brother Cheng, just rest assured, no one will touch my sis-in-law.”

Xu Cheng: “Alright, when we go back, I will treat you to a few drinks.”

Hu Bing laughed. “Alright.”

After hanging up, Hu Bing went back to his room, and several friends came over. “Young Master Hu, whose call was it from that you needed to find a quiet place to answer?”

Hu Bing looked at them and said, “Ah-Hu, I remember you said you have some influence in the State Administration of Media and Entertainment, right?”

The guy with a girl in his arm nodded. Beside him was actually a B-list celebrity, and with this guy’s family well rooted in the theatre industry and State Administration of Media and Entertainment, many female celebrities indeed needed to suck up to him. Hence, he never lacked female celebrities by his side.

“Young Master Hu, wow you finally remembered what my family does. What is it? Which female celebrity was playing hard to get in front of you? Just give me the word, and I can get her to come and apologize to you right now,” Ah-Hu said.

“Yeah, Young Master Hu, which celebrity was brave enough to offend you?” The female celebrity in Ah-Hu’s arm also chuckled and asked, pretty curious as to who would be this blind.

“Alright, since you said that you can do something, I want to seek trouble with two guys called Ou Li and Yan Xian.”

“President Ou and Yan Xian?” That female celebrity was a bit shocked. “Could it be something that happened today?’

Hu Bing glanced at that female celebrity and asked, “You know something?”

That girl nodded. “Of course. I heard that Yan Xian was collabing with Lin Chuxue, and Sister Lin is known for being cold and prideful since she never accepts kissing, intimate, or overly-exposing scenes. Many people in the industry or second-gen-rich-heirs are interested in her and want to cast-couch her. Yan Xian and President Ou are good friends, and Yan Xian acted in a lot of movies invested in by President Ou and made him a lot of money, so this time, he used President Ou’s influence to change the script, wanting to force Sister Lin to shoot a kissing scene with him. Sister Lin was obviously not happy, and there was a big argument at the filming location. Then, President Ou said he was going to imprison her and also block her out of the industry, but a stranger came in and beat up President Ou and Yan Xian, sending them to the hospital. Everyone was saying that man was Lin Chuxue’s boyfriend.”

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    its amazing how a random celebrity would know all the details so quickly lmao

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