Chapter 242: Banned (1) (Part one)

At the hospital, after Yan Xian hung up, he asked Ou Li on the next bed, “President Ou, how’s it going on your end?”

President Ou looked pretty proud, “Basically all of my friends agreed to help. I have a deputy president friend in the theatre industry and he said that he would help me out and minimize the playrate of films with Lin Chuxue at theatres under their brand. I have a couple of friends at different TV networks that agreed to avoid inviting her onto their shows in the future, and a couple other friends are all going to help out with getting Lin Chuxue’s sponsors to drop her. Now, let’s see how anxious Lin Chuxue’s boss gets. With their one and only money tree down, that company will pretty much go bankrupt since they have no other celebrities that really have any exposure. If she’s not stupid, she will be calling me in the next few minutes to apologize.”

Yan Xian snorted on the side, “What use is an apology? He should know what we want.”

Ou Li nodded, and then he asked Yan Xian, “How’s your end?”

Yan Xian: “They knew I’m hospitalized and they are for sure very angry. A few of my celebrity friends directly leaked a message to the circle that they refuse to work with Lin Chuxue in the future. Now, I just want to see which director still has the balls to cast her in their films.”
At this moment, Ou Li asked Yan Xian, “Did the people in the circle learn about what happened today now?”

Yan Xian snorted, “Of course, and my wife had already called me so many times. I explained to her for a long time and she finally decided to calm down. The media is always trying to catch any detail so that they can spin out a story of me cheating on my wife, yet they don’t have any evidence. But my wife is still in a cold war with me, f-ck.”

Then, he turned to his assistant and said, “Go and turn on the TV, switch to the entertainment channel.”

His assistant nodded, found the remote, and turned on the TV. 

But very coincidentally, they turned to the channel just in time to hear the host say, “Now, we have a story that went viral online. A netizen exposed the well-known celebrity Yan Xian of cheating on his wife with the B-list model, Li Wen. Several photos from Li Wen’s personal phone was leaked out by this netizen, and most of them were of Yan Xian deep asleep with his upper-half naked, and several ones were even more revealing, showing Yan Xian in his bathrobes in the bathroom. From the two toothbrushes by the sink, it seemed like Li Wen and Yan Xian always spend the night together. Right now, our reporter is interviewing Li Wen, and let’s see what she has to say.”

Seeing this scene, Yan Xian and his assistant’s eyes went wide open. Yan Xian even directly sat up from his bed, and the scene suddenly switched to a bunch of reporters blocking Li Wen in the hallway of her condo. She was behind a mask and seemed to be trying to avoid being interviewed. But, with so many reporters pursuing her, she replied with a sentence carrying a hint of innuendo, “You should ask Yan Xian about this!”

Yan Xian immediately punched the bed. “How could that dumb woman answer it this way?”

Ask Yan Xian? Wasn’t that answer basically telling the reporters that she wasn’t denying it, rather admitting to it so that the reporters would go to Yan Xian to see if he admits to it as well or not?

Yan Xian immediately called his assistant, “Hurry, bring my phone over.”

After his assistant brought him his phone, he immediately called Li Wen, and he began shouting furiously the moment the call connected, “Damn you, how could you say that to the reporters?”

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