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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 242.2

Chapter 242: Banned (1) (Part two)

Li Wen also sounded very angry on that side. “I’m already in a mess over here, the media camps my condo every day. Besides, all the evidence is there, so what if I admitted it? It’s true that you are my sugar daddy…”

Yan Xian: “But you know that I’m not divorced yet, and I have to bear a lot of public criticism and pressure. Are you trying to kill my career? Now, right now, go and clarify to the media and say that I have nothing to do with you, at all!”

Li Wen: “But… But what about those pictures? Those aren’t photoshopped, and there are even a few with us hugging together that weren’t exposed yet… My phone got hacked, and the hacker probably got a hold of those photos too.”

Yan Xian: “Damn it! Right now, just go and hide and don’t come out. Just f-ck off as far as you can, and I will try and buy the photos off of whoever has it. Since he didn’t take out those more revealing pictures, he’s clearly waiting to negotiate with me.”

Li Wen: “Then what about me? After you finish taking care of these things, are you still going to divorce your wife?”

Yan Xian: “Divorce your face! If I divorce her, wouldn’t it basically validate the rumor that we are together? By that time, I will face public pressure and criticism as well! I will give you some money, and you can f-ck off as far as possible!”

Then, Yan Xian directly hung up the phone in rage.

On the other end, Li Wen looked to the other side of the sofa where two men sat. After seeing the call end, they asked, “Was it recorded?”

Li Wen nodded.

That man came over and took her phone. “Don’t worry, our boss will honor his words and give you the money. On top of that, he will give you three movies to be casted in where you are the second female lead. These are all opportunities that models like you would rarely ever get, and as for if you become famous after this, it will be up to you.”

Li Wen: “Thank Master Hu for me.”

The man nodded. “We hope you can utilize this opportunity.”

Then, the two men left. 

Yan Xian was in the hospital and he anxiously called his agent and said, “Check the source that leaked the photos, find the guy, and buy all of the photos from him.”

On the agent’s end, he was silent for a moment and then sighed. “It’s already too late. Just 10 minutes ago, all the photos were exposed. Now you are trending, you are more trending than you have ever trended before. You are on fire, but this fire can burn you to ashes. Now, all of the photos with you and Li Wen, there was more…’”

Yan Xian was shocked. “More?”

Agent: “Yea. All of the rookie celebrities and other celebrities that you had sexually harassed or forced had joined to file a lawsuit against you, and the company has already received a subpoena from the court. I also received 15 contract cancellations, including 5 shows, 3 from movies that were already shot where the company now wants to delete all of your scenes and do reshoots, and 7 from endorsement deals where the brands saw your reputation would harm their products. The president wants to see if you are still dead or not, and he wants me to drag you to him to give him an answer. I will come and pick you up right now.”

Yan Xian’s eyes spread wide open, and the phone fell from his hand. He was already dumbfounded on his bed.

“President Ou… things seem to be going not in our favor…” He opened his mouth with great difficulty, and he swallowed his saliva, looking as if he was up against a terrifying enemy, his face looking pretty pale…

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    sexy message here LOL

  2. ““President Ou… things seem to be going not in our favor…” ” That’s the understatement of the week.

    The carousel of misery for these s-m has begun. Round and round and round she goes, when she’ll stop nobody knows. What everybody knows is that these sh-theads (and any accomplices) are absolutely frakked for life.

    • He originally says this.


      “Ou … Ou, things don’t seem to be right.” He opened his mouth to look at Ou Li, swallowed his mouth as if he was about to look at the enemy, and looked pale.

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