Chapter 243: Banned (2) (Part one)

No matter how stupid Ou Li was, he would know what it meant at this critical moment that he got exposed for this scandal.

“Who did you offend recently?” Ou Li asked him.

“Who else could it be? Didn’t the both of us get in trouble with Lin Chuxue recently?” Yan Xian asked. 

“Then it is really possible that someone at Imperial Entertainment wants to stink up your reputation and retaliate.” Ou Li glared at him. “You too, how can you keep these kind of pictures? Your wife is pregnant, yet you are still doing sh-t like this! That Lin Chuxue doesn’t have much of a background, so she probably only can use this to retaliate. You are famous for being a playboy, so it’s not hard to find scandals of yours to expose.”

Yan Xian felt like he wanted to cry. “But the thing is, a lot of people want me to pay compensation for breaching their contracts and cancel with me, but you know I already gave most of my money to you to invest in the movie we just shot. Where am I going to find the money to pay them back?”

Ou Li also felt that it was a big headache. Indeed, Yan Xian took the 50 million that he made with those contracts to make a film investment with him.

“Don’t worry, everyone’s gonna have some kind of scandal in this circle. Besides, your reputation had always been not that great. Right now, we just need Li Wen to keep quiet, and you just need to keep denying it. Just those pictures alone won’t get you banned by the State Administration of Media and Entertainment. We just need to hire 5-cent armies to flood social media saying that those pictures were clearly photoshopped. Maybe this scandal will even help you gain more fame and hog more headlines.”

Yan Xian looked at Ou Li. “But right now, a lot of people want to cancel their contracts with me and demand compensation.”

Ou Li: “You just need to get some PR done and fix your public image, and then why would they still want to cancel? Are you dumb? I’m also quite influential in this circle. I just need to get all of them together and have a meal, and then talk about your case and promise that we would get the necessary PR done so as to not let this scandal affect your image. Wouldn’t that be all?”

Yan Xian immediately nodded. “President Ou, I have to rely on you now!”

Ou Li nodded. “We are in the same boat now, and many of my films have you as the male lead. At a time like this, I obviously should help you, or else if your reputation goes down the drain, wouldn’t my films be dead before they reach the theatre?”

Yan Xian’s agent came to the hospital and brought Yan Xian away. When he came back to the company, he could hear from far away that the president was shouting in fury as his voice echoed in the hallway.

When Yan Xian went into the meeting room, he saw all of the PR staff had their heads lowered; clearly they had been scolded by the president already.

After the president saw Yan Li, a hint of coldness appeared in his eyes. “Why are you not dead yet? What use would laying in the hospital and hiding do for a scandal this big? Tell me, what the f-ck actually is going on with you?”

Yan Xian swallowed his saliva and just like Ou Li instructed, he tried very hard to deny everything. “That woman Li Wen saw that I have been pretty popular recently so she just wants to use me as a topic to get herself some attention too. Those pictures were all photoshopped, and from the timing and everything, it was clearly orchestrated. I think Lin Chuxue is behind all of this. That’s right, their company knew they couldn’t deal with me head on so they actually resorted to this kind of despicable means to damage my career. Right now, the photoshop technology is so mature that the media actually believed it. Besides-”

Before Yan Xian could finish, the president already furiously slammed the document in his hand onto the desk. Then, he turned his laptop around and said to Yan Xian, “Open up your f-cking eyes, you think it was just those pictures?”

Yan Xian saw that the laptop was playing a news segment, and apparently a recording of a phone call between Yan Xian and Li Wen was also leaked online.

And that phone call was just the one Yan Xian had at the hospital with Li Wen. His relationship with Li Wen was basically confirmed, and in the recording, Yan Xian exposed his true character of being the type that would cuss at Li Wen and tell her to f-ck off just to protect his own reputation.

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