Chapter 245: I Choose Apologizing (Part one)

At night, Hu Bing drove his Tesla to a club where a bunch of luxury cars had gathered. He threw the key of his car to the valet and then went directly to the top floor nightclub. 

When he walked into the noisy club, there were all kinds of men and women in there, and there were a lot more women than men. However, the music here wasn’t as loud as downstairs as it was more for setting the mood. The lighting also wasn’t too over the top, being more mellow. The people here were all holding wine glasses and talking to each other, hugging and shaking hands left and right

Hu Bing went directly to the 88th VIP room and walked in, seeing a bunch of guys all with beautiful girls in their arms. Upon seeing him come in, those guys all got the girls out of the room.

In the corner stood a guy that didn’t dare to make a sound. He was dressed in expensive formal attire, yet he didn’t even have a seat as he just looked at Hu Bing in a sincere but fearful way as he walked in.

This man was Ou Li, who came super early just to apologize.

Hu Bing gestured, and those guys immediately turned off the music inside the room and vacated the center seat for Hu Bing. Hu Bing went over and sat down, and then he gestured for Ou Li to come over and talk. 

With the music suddenly stopping, the atmosphere immediately tensed up. He swallowed his saliva and walked out of the corner carefully with his head lowered and an obsequious smile plastered to his face. “Young Master Hu?”

Hu Bing looked at this Ou Li and lightly laughed. “Those that actually have power wouldn’t try so hard to put up a luxury facade, and on the contrary, those that don’t have the power would go after a fancy exterior. Look at what you are wearing, aren’t you just afraid that other people won’t know you are rich? Originally, I just wanted to have a casual talk with you, but you dressing so formally makes me feel that I should have a serious talk with you instead to respect you. But, I don’t like that, so how about we change to a simpler way of talking?’

Ou Li bitterly smiled. “Young Master Hu, whichever way you like.”

Hu Bing laughed, and then his boys that were standing on either side of Ou Li suddenly kicked him behind the knee, causing him to kneel. Then, the two proceeded to beat the crap out of him, only stopping when his coat and shirt were ruined. 

At this moment, Ou Li didn’t look so brilliant and luxurious as before. His messy hair, tattered clothes, and bruised face made him look like a guy that had fallen into the dumps.

Hu Bing satisfyingly clapped. “Now that you don’t look like fancy jewelry, I’m also feeling more comfortable looking at you. Then let’s talk now, I heard you came tonight to apologize?”

Ou Li nodded. “Yes, I apologize. If I ever offended you, I’m here to beg for your forgiveness. I hope you of great status won’t take what someone like me of low status did to heart and will forgive me this one time. I swear I will be more careful in the future, for real!”

Hu Bing shook his head. “You didn’t offend me, but you offended my bro, a bro that’s been really good to me and who’s very important to me. So, you should go and apologize to him instead. You can decline and then walk out from this room right now, and you will be on your own because no one else will be lending you a helping hand. At least in this circle, you will no longer have a foothold.”

Ou Li’s eyelids thumped. “Then what if I apologize?”Hu Bing grinned. “That will depend on your attitude and if the person forgives you or not. If you are not forgiven, then you are still on your own.”

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