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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 246.1

Chapter 246: Compromise (Part one)

At night, Yan Xian’s agent was smoking as he watched Yan Xian make many calls asking for help. But, those people either didn’t pick up or said they were busy and hung up. Overall, in the 20 or so calls Yan Xian made, no one took the time to exchange more than 3 sentences with him. Seeing Yan Xian throwing his phone onto the table, his agent asked, “How are things looking?”

Yan Xian shook his head. “No one’s willing to lend me money. They all referred to me as their bro back during the normal days, and just half a day ago, they were all saying how they would help me ban out Lin Chuxue. But now, after the State Administration of Entertainment and Media issued one notice, they all became scared and began avoiding me like a plague. They all withdrew their statements in front of the media and even began to say how I’m a scumbag! What the h-ll!”

The agent took another smoke and said, “They still need to dwell in this circle, can’t blame them.”

Yan Xian shook his head. “It’s not that I can’t make a comeback from this, I’m just temporarily in the dumps. That Lin Chuxue, wait until I get through this, I’m going to kill her!”

The agent faintly said, “One can be ignorant, but if you are too ignorant yet still arrogant, you will be in big trouble. Do you really think it was just because of that little scandal orchestrated by Lin Chuxue that got you to where you are right now? Scandals happen really frequently in this circle, and some people could sail through the storm, while some would be forced out of the circle. I don’t know about the others, but if you are still acting this way and can’t see where you actually went wrong, then I’m sure you won’t be able to make it through this, and you will also be under a mountain of debt.”

Yan Xian looked at his agent from the corner of his eyes. “Are you here to laugh at me? You also think that I can be this easily defeated? A woman that debuted later than me can defeat me?”

The agent sighed. “Then let me ask you, what can you revive yourself with? Right now, you owe 30 million yuan, and if you can’t pay it back by tomorrow, those businesses will go by the original clauses on the contract and you will owe 60 million! And if you can’t pay them back, your reputation will take another big hit, adding on top of the scandal. It is certain that the people you have offended in the past will take this opportunity and rub salt onto your wound.”

Yan Xian: “These things will all pass. I’ve already thought about it. As long as she doesn’t make trouble for me and we get through this together, we can wait it out until those three movies I invested in start playing in theatres and pay me dividends. Then, taking out the money I owe, I will have at least 10 million left. I will start my own studio, and as long as I lower my price, with my popularity over the years plus a few good projects, I can make a comeback.”

His agent sneered. “You are still the same old you, always so confident but in fact, your IQ is really worrying. Let’s first talk about the three movies you co-invested with Ou Li. Haven’t you heard? The cinema lines had decided to suppress the playrate of those movies to less than 1% all together, and in the future, as long as Ou Li’s involved, none of those movies will be allowed to be played in the cinemas in the country. This news is already out, and it’s true. Right now, Ou Li can hardly protect himself and he’s also going around asking for help just like you. But, it’s no use, and he’s not in much of a better situation than you. The average box office is pretty good this year, and that’s why he invested all of his money into movie production but still turned out short. That’s why he asked you to invest with him. Right now, none of his movies can be played in theatres. How do you expect him to make the money back? How much can he make if he sold copies online? The moment he collapses, where would you get your money? Even if you lower your price to attract business, have you forgotten about the notice issued by the State Administration of Media and Entertainment? Right now, you are a celebrity with a stain, so who’s going to risk offending the State Admin to work with you? Now, think about it, someone capable of influencing the cinema line to screw over Ou Li, getting the State Admin to screw over you, and control the 50-cent-army online to expose your scandals, who do you think you are dealing with? Your sh-t with Li Wen that was hidden well for so many years even got exposed, who’s going to believe it if it wasn’t Li Wen doing it herself? That woman had always wanted to join the filming industry, so someone that’s capable of giving her this chance used it to convince her to expose you. With all of these points above, do you think Lin Chuxue’s a simple character? Do you think the man behind her is just an army guy?”

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